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Why guys dump girls they dig… A must read for every lady!


When i hear girls say guys are, “Wicked, Cheats, ingrates, animals, beasts etc..”, i only laugh… Guys may be hunters or chasers maybe, but trust me.., in comparison, guys are not half as wicked and ungrateful as ladies… But that’s a subject for another day…

Guys are animals, beasts…, lions… really? even if we are, it takes a lioness to tame a wild lion. 98% of guys will chase if they feel what they have, have served it purpose or serves no purpose at all (The other 2% are just sick). So as a woman what efforts have you made to tame your man? What plans have you put in place to ensure that you are the only woman who rules his world? You want to be his Queen?, what have you done to make him feel like a King? Forget about the house chores, sex or food…, you are not a house help or a booty call.., and the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach anymore.

Helping your man financially during his low moments is not a bad idea if you can afford it.., but if you are going to do it as a way to get him indebted and locked down to you for the rest of your life, then you might as well just forget it because no matter how much you give a man, if for any reason and at anytime you make a man feel less of himself, HE IS OUT for good. Men have huge PRIDE and EGO.., Ladies learn to respect that.

At any point in time of your relationship, your man IS YOUR MAN… Not your DAD, little BROTHER or SON. Know the difference and at all times treat him with the respect a wife will give her husband or a girlfriend will give her guy…

No guy in his right senses will continue dating a girl who is ignorant, disobedient/disrespectful, rude, proud, vision less, egoistic, whorish, bitchy, immature or dumb ass no matter what else you do for him.

If you are wondering why guys keep dumping you no matter what good you do for them, its about time you start checking yourself.., don’t blame me for dumping your whorish fat lazy azz.

Thank you!