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What If…?


What if…

What if all you knew about life was a lie?

What if all you were taught in school was a lie too?

What if love was true and falling in love was such a beautiful thing?

What if affections were mere pretence and disappointments never hurt?

What if…

What if family was not the most important institution after all?

What if heaven and earth never existed and religion was one big lie?

What if all that we have learned in our history books was nothing either than conspiracy theories?

What if this was a dream your dream was realism?

What if…

What if service providers considers the interest of the customer first?

What if the Jet Skiis at Ada had trackers on the riders too?

What if Ghanaians where not a bunch of gullible people?

What if our police never took bribes and our public officials eschewed corruption?

What if…

What if we had control of our economy and never relied on donor support?

What if graduates were trained to be entrepreneurs instead of job seekers?

What if our media houses were fair and journalist not in the pockets of some corrupt leaders

What if we worked for the joy and not for the money?

What if…

What if politics were run by people who have the interest of the nation at heart?

What if fuel was measured in bottled-water-containers and sold at the same price as Voltic?

What if the government chose iPads instead of sPads?

What if Nana Addo stepped down for Allan Cash?

What if Mahama cared?