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Village minds Productions thrills patrons with “Barber and Apprentice” play.

It was all rib cracking laughter from start to finish when the “villagers” from Village Minds Production took to the stage to thrill patrons with their latest play “Barber and Apprentice” at Alliance Francais

The two hour play which was set in a Barber shop, touched on the wimps and caprices of Efo Agbedefu and his apprentice Attah Ayi, the unbearing attitude of Naa Atwei the landlady and Kwamina a stammering area gossip.

In the mist of the gossips, secrets, close-calls and revelations, writer Nii Ayi Solomon managed to infuse very valuable moral lessons one could take home after watching the play. When Village minds production promised to entertain patrons, even a critic like myself wasn’t expecting to be entertained beyond my wildest imaginations.

Though there were a few hitches with the lapels here and there, the play turned out successfully.

This is the third play Nii Ayi Solomon is producing after “The love of Mamavi” and “Homeless”. The Barber and the Apprentice was directed by Woelinam Kwame Dziewornu-Norvor and Cygishmel Da ‘Cherub.

The success of “Barber and Apprentice” only means that there will be a great amount of pressure on the writer and his team to outperform this play in their next play. This is not the time to rest but the time to work hard.

NB: ‘Attah Ayi’ has a bright future ahead of him. Cheers!

Source: boudaonline.com