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The injustice against Moslem students at Osu Presec must to stop.

The autocratic and dictatorial leadership style of Ms Barbara Buerkie Puplampu, the current headmistress of Osu Presec, if not checked could soon ruin the progress and hard earned reputation of the institution.

On Monday November 6th 2017, boudaonline.com got a tip-off that a student of Osu Presec has been given an indefinite suspension because he was out of the school’s gate when a teacher had a misunderstanding with some other students. The teacher could not identify the students he had the scuffle with so when the poor boy came back from his permitted break, the headmistress summoned and ordered him to mention the names of the students who heckled the teacher., when he wasn’t able to identify them, the headmistress suspended him indefinitely even though this student was not part of the students who were causing the trouble neither was he present at the time.

This we found as rather odd so we decided to follow up to the school to ascertain the full facts of the matter for ourselves. It was also an attempt to listen to the side of the school authority in other to be able to file a fair report on the issue.

On arrival at the school, our reporter was directed to the secretary where he stated his mission. There was an obvious uneasiness when the secretary realized she was talking to a journalist. This was rather surprising because why will anyone be uncomfortable in the presence of a reporter? She went ahead to insist that our reporter should state his entire reason for coming to the school for she (the secretary to answer) since the Headmistress will never want to speak to anyone on that issue much-less a journalist. When our reporter insisted on speaking to no one else except the headmistress, the secretary made an unfortunate statement that suggested that our reporter’s interest in following the story could only stem from the fact that he was a Moslem just as the student who was sacked.

It took more than 15 minutes of interrogations before the secretary finally decided to inform the headmistress of our reporter’s interest to see her. The headmistress initially asked our reporter to wait which he complied. 30 minutes later, the headmistress told her secretary to inform us that she wasn’t in the mood to talk to us or explain any of her actions to anybody. This action of the Headmistress wasn’t only disrespectful but confirms all the negative things we found about her from some staff of the school.

In our investigations, the people (students and staff) we spoke to alleged that;

  1. Moslem students hardly get a second chance to make amends whenever they go wrong. Your are either dismissed or you get an indefinite suspension
  2. A lot of Moslems students get dismissed each term as compared to their Christian counterparts
  3. If a Moslem student and a Christian student get into trouble, the Moslem student is more likely to be dismissed whereas the Christian will get a minimum punishment
  4. As confirmed by the secretary, many more Moslem students will soon be sacked from the school.
  5. The headmistress is an autocratic and a dictatorial leader who doesn’t explain her actions to anyone.
  6. The headmistress disrespects teaching staff and sometimes reprimands them in front of students
  7. The headmistress constantly undermines the authority of teachers
  8. She takes decision in consultation with no one
  9. She runs the school like her personal enterprise
  10. There is a state of fear among teachers and even assistant heads are afraid to confront her on issues

Ms Barbara Buerkie Puplampu has without doubt stepped right into the shoes of her predecessor Madam Dina D. O. Welbeck. For those who do not know, Ms Welbeck was the reason why teachers of Osu Presec went on a sit down strike in 2012 calling for her dismissal for the same behavior Madam Puplampu is putting up today.

Osu Presec as known to all have been an institution of excellence that never discriminated against tribe, gender, skin color or religion. If these allegations are true, then Ms Barbara Buerkie Puplampu can not be allowed to introduce religious discrimination in the school.

Source: boudaonline.com/ Yussuf Bouda