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The Frustrations of a Gh Police Officer.



YOUR WHOLE MENTAL PSYCHE AS A POLICE OFFICER -THE DESTROYED DRSThe very first day I entered police training school, I knew it’s something stronger than the ordinary mindset. I realised that I needed to be psychologically tough and mentally rebellious to survive in the police by my nature. I have since gone from smooth to very rough at times though I exercise a lot of patience.

I gave up upon myself and sacrificed all my comforts, interests and rather toughen my mind to uphold my principles and very ready to bear the cost for what I stand for as far as policing is concerned particularly when I am not wrong. I have since lived very independent on police without expectations and worries. I have since not envied the “LUCRATIVES” in the police because they are shared based on how you kowtow to their whims and caprices. I have since lived like today is my last day in the police with high hopes.

Those that have expectations in the police worry lot a lot in this service. Those that have aspirations to become senior police officers get very frustrated as they see those who are seemly incompetent rather getting promotions and all the recommendations. I don’t have worries because I know very well that I have what it takes to be a senior police officer if given an opportunity on fair competitive grounds but the one to give you the opportunity is the problem. I am not even expecting it so where lies my worries and frustrations?

Police is actually good for some people as they get all the recommendations for promotion, approval of study leaves, sponsorship packages to go for further studies and courses abroad and a whole lot of other goodies. I guess it’ more of a proverbial kind of the obedient dog eats a fat bone. There are many opportunities in the police actually but the fact is that, it is selectively shared.

Late Chief Inspector Mawuenga walked to me once and said young man it’s actually good that you have joined the police. It is the biggest school I attended in my life as a human being. The experiences were enormous and if I should get the opportunity to come back to this planet earth again, I will still like to be a police officer and also a junior rank to endure all the injustices, unfairness, the vindictiveness, victimisations and all the inhuman treatments because it made me stronger.

I was shortlisted for a course and I actually went for the course too but you no what happened, I never had my promotion till I retired from the police as Chief Inspector though I developed myself academically after joining the police with middle school leaving certificate (MSLC). You know what happened? When we came back from the course, a misunderstanding ensued between I and one of my colleagues who works in one of the police offices. That was the end of all my fortunes in the police.

This gentleman walked straight to one of our “BIG MEN” and said a whole lot of things about me. I was never given the opportunity to say my side of the story. When that promotions came, my name was conspicuously missing. When I complained, they transferred me to a very remote area and the beginning of my woes. Aside transferring me, they completely destroyed me by what they wrote in my records. My DRS was murdered so I was a walking ghost in the police.

Sometimes I would spend 6 months at a station and they would transfer me and at most 2 years at a station. There have been several attempts to frame me up. All the commanders I worked with hated me with passion for no reason. They are always quick to say I don’t respect. Even in one District too, every three months I am sent on operations or attachment.

All my mates that I went to the course with rose through the ranks and became Assistant Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and some even retired as Commissioner of Police but I remained a Chief Inspector and went home with it.

The very last day that I was retiring from the police, I chance on what was written in my records that followed me all the days of my life in the police. It was boldly written “VERY DISRESPECTFUL AND A THREAT IF ALLOWED TO BECOME A SENIOR POLICE OFFICER but do you know what happened to him? His family members came to look for me wherever I was that time and sent me to him. I begged for my forgiveness before he died. I was still in the police whereas he has retired for over 15 years then.

Look at me now young police officer. I am 85 years but going very strong. Only God knows the miseries that all those who did that to me went through. Some sent for me and confessed what they did against me before they died. I forgave them all. I urge you all to leave vengeance to God because he will pay them in full.

If you want to be a successful police officer with clean conscience, never envy anything in the police being it their promotions or anything that belong to them but rather concentrate on serving the people in truth and humility. The civilians you see like that are very clever and observant. If you serve them well, they will give you a satisfactory reward than the police service itself even though we take them to be fools and abuse them anyhow.

Since the day that they took my name out of those were supposed to be promoted, I completely forgot about ranks in the police and stood on my feet and faced them with robustness. Many senior police officers eventually realised that I am not disrespectful but it was always late.

Don’t forget there is life after police and that is when we pay for crimes we committed against humans, both police officers and civilians. That is when we pay for our crimes in instalments but those are wicked but lucky mysteriously die before their time but unlucky ones live long but they count a lot of miseries.

I have seen a police officer who was completely rotten but was alive breathing before. He was one of the fearful senior police officer I have personally worked with.

It’s either a blessing to be a police officer or a curse to be one depending on what you do in the police.

The mentally weak are either slaves in the police or crushed and destroyed but those with strong mental psyche survives all the turbulences in the police.

Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III dkwofie17@gmail.com