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Step by step on How to make a HIT song Pt1


The Ghanaian music industry is one of the easiest industries to enter in recent times. With just a laptop, mixer, mic and a music software, one can easily call himself a music producer. Same can be said about being a musician too.., with just a beat, few lines and Ghc250 one can easily become a musician in Ghana. No wonder the industry is polarized with all sought of people claiming to be industry players yet, have no clue what real music is.

Music goes beyond all of that. People spend so much to go study music not for the fun of it, but because they are serious about making music a career and want to be the best at it… The likes of Kojo Antwi, Okyeame Kwame, Obrafour, Sarkodie, Joe Mettle, Akwabuah etc are stars because they understand the rudiments of music…

Composition, Arrangement, Rhythm, Message, Rhyming, timing etc are all elements that when applied appropriately can make a musician stand out from his peers. Unfortunately the youth of today relish in their ignorance and are so desperate “Hit” so much so that they will never humble themselves to ask questions and learn from their predecessors.

Are you an up and coming musician? Do you want to make music your career? Do you want to succeed as a musician? Do you just want to be known or you actually want to be relevant? What will make a music hit and another flop? What elements make a hit song? How do you want to be remembered when you finally leave the scene? All these and more will be answered in the continuing parts of this article.

This is how to make a HIT song from the perspective of a DJ

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