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Some “big man” is “In Bed” with Edem of GMB

Since everyone is afraid to say it, we will say it. What is it about Edem of TV3 Ghana’s Most beautiful 2017 that makes her untouchable? As if her abysmal performance is not enough, she has survived eviction after eviction even when it is crystal clear that she is not living up to expectation.

Take last Sunday’s performance for example, Adom who out performed and out shined Edem by all standards got evicted while Edem Miraculously was saved even though one of the judges has earlier on indicated that there will be a double eviction on the day.

Patrons of the reality show who where present at the grounds could visibly be seen protesting against the decision of the judges when they chose to save Edem over Adom. Patrons on Social Media have since Sunday been speaking against the far reaching favoritism that has characterized the TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful reality show in recent time while others have started a #BringBackAdom campaign.

What is even more surprising is that, Edem was not part of the 3 finalist chosen to represent the Volta Region during the audition. But from nowhere, all three finalist were dropped and replaced by Edem. How this happened still beats my imagination…

These are the concerns of some facebook users:

Read the comments section of the two embedded posts.

With all that is happening, and with no explanation from TV3, one can only come to one simple conclusion that TV3 is “in bed” with Edem. Else, let them come and explain things to us.

We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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