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#ShattaVsWizkid: Why Supporting Shatta Wale in this beef is not worth it!

I have heard people talking about how we need to present a united front in support of Shatta Wale to win the fight against Wizkid., then after, we can come home and scold him cos that’s what families do… Hahahahaaa guys don’t make me laugh..

I don’t know where you learnt this concept of family from., but even in a typical Zongo community where i grew up from and where the bond of brotherhood is stronger than anywhere else., the family ties has its limits. There are only a few number of times your brothers/family will stand up for you in times like these.

Let me tell you what happens in a typical zongo community. When you get a fight for the first time, everybody rallies behind you till victory., do u know why? cos these zongo boys know that, you owe them a big favor meaning they can always count on you to show support when they also find themselves in trouble. Secondly, this kind of brotherhood support is offered only to those who are humble and respect their elders and peers and those who are loyal to the community/family they are from.

Trust me, if this was a fight between Sarkodie or Obrafour and Wizkid, no one would have told Ghanaians to rally behind their own. This is a fight between Shatta Wale and Nigeria why are you surprised that Ghanaians are not supporting Shatta? Did you say we shoudl wait and scold Shatta Wale after the fight is over? Like seriously? Who scolds Shatta? And for all you know, this is just a publicity gimmick for Shatta Wale

Isn’t this the same Shatta Wale who rode on the back of Samini to fame? Isn’t this the same Shatta who mocked Stonebwoy because of his leg? Isn’t this the same Shatta Wale who said he fears nobody in Ghana? Isn’t this the same Shatta who humiliated Charterhouse and called Obour a thief? Isn’t this the same Shatta Wale who called Gh media and bloggers “hungry fools” for being objective about his nauseating attitude? So why should anyone bother if Shatta has found himself in a much bigger sh!t now?

I don’t know about your family, but the Zongo i come from, if you have no respect for your elders and you run home with a fight, your elder brothers will bring you out from the room, draw a big circle outside and leave the two of you in there to fight until one looses. But pray you don’t loose the fight cos when you do, your brothers will gang up and discipline you for disgracing your family. Peace! Out!

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Source: Boudaonline.com