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Sex Tapes and leakages

Sex tapes

I didn’t really know how to begin this write up, but then I remembered it’s about people and sometimes the ‘silly’ things we do in the name of love or infatuation or whatever you choose to call it.

Let me take you to the good book, the Bible. The first man on earth Adam (According to my belief) sinned for love. In the same book, the strongest man ever to walk the surface of this earth Sampson, lost his strength and died for love. In Shakespeare’s world, Romeo and Juliet both died for love.

So apparently, doing silly things in the name of love has been an old age occurrence. Presently, the latest craze to please a lover and spice up the love and romance in Ghana is taking nude selfies.

To take this a step further is the making of sex tapes.

As you read this article, I am certain some couple somewhere in Ghana is seriously filming their sexual act at this very moment. Over the last week, Ghanaians have been inflicted with three different sex tapes and it seems the game is just about to begin in this world of ‘home-made porn’.

A sex tape is an amateur pornographic video recording, involving one or two person(s) which has, intentionally or unintentionally, been made available publicly. Most often, such video tapes are released without the consent of their “characters” or “actors”.

For celebrities, sex tapes may ruin their career for good, but in modern times some international celebrities rather ended up benefitting from the mileage given them through sex tapes.

The release of Paris Hilton’s sex tape in 2003 as well as Kim Kardashian’s in 2007 brought them a new level of fame, earning them magazine covers, book deals and reality TV series. In Ghana the likes of Delay, Raquel, Mizbel, Tiffiny, Kubolo and actress Angela Tibir have one way or the other been linked to leaked sex tapes or photos.

Back home in Ghana, sex between unmarried couple is frowned upon by the dominant religions, and the subject itself is seen as sacred, barely talked about in public. Parents even shy away from talking about it with their children, let alone consider talking about a sex tape.

But hey, who are we deceiving? Those days are long gone. With the influx of western culture, romantic soap operas, social media and internet, the subject of sex can be learnt by a click of a link.

The making of sex tapes is certainly not Ghanaian but it has come to stay. The first video to be made public came out in 2009/2010. A video of two lovers said to be students of the Methodist University College who taped their sexual bouts in their hostel.

The video went viral and if you didn’t watch or heard about it, you were probably a novice in Information Technology then. Social media was not as widespread in Ghana as it is now also.

Instead of the leaked sex tape from Methodist University prompting boys and girls to keep their “acts” in the dark, it rather become a craze among some adventurous students of most universities in the country.

Sex tapes involving students at the University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the University of Development Studies and University of Cape Coast started leaking here and there.

These tapes involved students or a student and a lecturer.

These sex tape scandals died off for a while but in the past few months, the making of this soft porn has reared its ugly head. Famous among them is the Tamale sex scandal and the one which allegedly involves the son of Ghana’s Foreign Minister who taped himself in a steamy sex with his lady partner at the back seat of a car.

That is some adventure right? But the video somehow leaked and spread with the speed of lightening on social media until it was blocked from the fastest means of transfer and share – WhatsApp.

In the same period, two Kumasi based lovers rose to stardom instantly when their sex tape also came public. It was rumoured the teenage girl in question “Nana Abynah” had committed suicide because she couldn’t bare the embarrassment. Reports however, indicate she is alive and has subsequently apologized to her friends and family for the shame the tape might have brought them.

I stepped onto the streets as I usually do to randomly ask peoples opinion about sex tapes and whether or not they will record their sexual encounters.

To my utmost dismay, majority of the respondents saw nothing wrong with a sex tape. It only becomes a problem when it is leaked or seen by a third party.

I will use fictitious names to represent some of my respondents who had interesting opinions to share with us.

Let’s start with B.B.  For her, recording a steamy love making between her and her partner is one way to bond with her lover. She said confidently that “I want to look at myself in the act after and also watch the video whenever my partner is away for comfort.” Interesting thoughts there.

Vee, will not record making love to her partner but believes people do that for fun and also to improve upon communication. After the act, “you will sit, watch and discuss” bridging the communication gab. She said.

Tee says people do sex tapes to spice up their sex life. He believes if a sex tape will make the relationship strong, then by all means do it.

C.C claims to have recorded three of his love making affair with his girlfriend. However, they’ve agreed to delete them immediately they are done watching the video together. He believes it has helped him bond better with his girlfriend.

I ask myself what happened to conventional communication and outing to bond as lovers? Taking your lover out on dates, for walks, talking face to face, what happen to these things? Seriously, do you need to make a sex tape to bond with your partner? hmmm

AB, a young lady, burst out saying sex tapes are sick and crazy. She couldn’t imagine anyone recording the act for whatever reason.

I can go on and on about the thumbs up I got in support of making a sex tape. Western civilization is indeed taking us places, huh?

Apart from bonding, we sought to find out what other reasons people had for taping intimate sexual moments;

  • Some celebrities do it for money and fame
  • Some do it to please their partners
  • To relive the moment
  • As security or collateral
  • For blackmail
  • Some do it out of ignorance

In short, most people did not see anything wrong with taping their hot steamy passionate sex, so long as it remains hidden from the prying eyes of the public.

We can safely conclude that there are lots more sex tapes hidden under the closets of many Ghanaians as it should be. The few unfortunate ones that have theirs leaked, are the ones we know of and hypocritically condemn.

In our research, we came across more than 20 leaked sex tapes made by Ghanaians and there are lot more in the making I guess.

The reasons for these sex tapes have been mentioned above but how can soft porn be kept safe from a third party.

No matter how secretive you may be, when the relationship unfortunately turns sour, one partner may decide to leak the tape as a form of punishment to other.

Secondly, laptops, phones and camera’s get damage all the time. No matter the password on your phone or laptop, a damage to it will leave it in the hands of a repairer who may go through your personal stuff after repairs.

Moreover, as humans as we are, you may forget yourself and leave your phone, laptop or camera with a friend and before you realize, he or she might have copied your private documents without your knowledge.

A.F, who sees nothing wrong with the making of sex tape with his partner advises that the best way to keep the tape is to delete immediately you are done watching it together.

I cannot begin to imagine the embarrassment and psychological trauma anybody will go through when his/her sex tape goes viral on social media. Without the right counseling and support, the worst could happen.

With many leaked sex tapes serving as example, you will think people will take a cue and avoid taping their affairs but the opposite seems to be the case. This very moment as you read this article, some lovers are filming their affair.

Well if you have the balls to agree with your partner to record your affair, then be psychologically ready to embrace the ‘celebrity’ status you may achieve as a soft porn actor or actress when the sex tape leaks somehow.

Remember however that, what goes on the internet stays on the internet for ever and there are Ghanaian websites dedicated to solely posting sex tapes online.

I am not here to preach about whether or not making a sex tape is good or bad, weigh the pros and cons and decide.

Remember though, if you don’t want anyone knowing about it, then don’t do it. It’s your life, it’s your choice.

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