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Read: The ridiculous reason Why Nivea is trending…


Nivea has been trending on social media over the past few days and here is why.

Before i go any further, i want to state categorically that i haven’t been paid by Nivea or those against the Nivea ads to run this article. I’m only stating the facts from my point of view. Now back to the story;

Nivea has mounted billboards across Africa, using a dark-skinned Nigerian model who is an ambassador for the cosmetic company with the caption “For Visibly Fairer Skin” and basically that is why some people on social media can’t seem to “think far”… lol

Notably amongst those who are speaking out against the Nivea ad includes, Fuse ODG, Ama K. Abeberese and Anita Erskine. Their concern is that, the advert is directly or indirectly encouraging people to bleach their skin which is also a subtle way of saying “Fairer skin is superior to Dark skin”.

But Nivea has different products, those that cater for dark skin, and those that carter for fair or fairer skin. The billboards are for the promotion of one of their products. This particular product is meant for those with fair skin, though dark skinned girls looking for a fairer skin can “use” it too.

So, for Ghanaians to be upset claiming Nivea is promoting skin bleaching in Africa is neither here nor there. Africans may be predominantly dark skinned but there are a section who have fair skin. Don’t these fair(er) skinned Africans deserve a cosmetic product for their type of skin?


This might sound like a direct attack to some people, but there is no better way to say the truth than to say it as it is… Most of these people who spearhead such campaigns are ambassadors for dangerous alcoholic drinks and aphrodisiacs which has dangerous far reaching effects yet they see nothing wrong with it.

Talking about skin bleaching, were we not in Ghana when the likes of Carotone, Biotone, Poclear and the rest dominated our screens and media landscape? how many of these people had the balls to call them out? Should i say that those “celebrities” speaking against Nivea are pissed cos a Nigerian model was used as the cover girl?

Bhim! Let’s get serious as a nation!

Let’s start with our own backyard., many of the youth in our neighborhoods are into drug abuse. why don’t we start a campaign on that. Or maybe a campaign against “celebrities” like Daddy Lumba, Apostle Kojo Sarfo, Bishop Obinim and Asamoah Gyan since they all have one thing in common, Bleaching!

Nivea has released a statement which sought to indicate that the product is for a certain target market. So why blame them? They are not forcing anyone to buy are they?.

Source: Boudaonline.com/Yussuf Bouda