Heads of some political parties in Ghana


I know I’m a little bit ignorant about politics in general but one does not need to be a professor in Political Science to talk about what is going on in Ghanaian politics today.

Ghana from the past 5 decades has gone through political metamorphosis from the Kwame Nkrumah’s one party regime to the times of coup through to the era of democratic multi-party dispensations which has undoubtedly contributed to the peace and stability that we are all enjoying today… In short, Ghana has gone through political maturity. Or so we think…!

Ghana is looked up to by many African countries as the embodiment of Democracy, the beacon of hope and the shining example that all other countries must emulate. But the truth is, this perception about us is far from true.

You don’t need to attack me yet, maybe after reading a few more lines, you’ll understand me better.

The peace and stability we are enjoying today if you ask me is by the true Grace of God and the fact that the Ghanaian people are naturally peace loving people. But not the handy work of any one political figure or party. Even when we were lorded over for so many years under colonial rule, we waited patiently for the right moment before breaking free. The road to freedom and sovereignty hasn’t always been smooth but finally we are here enjoying the peace and stability that has eluded other African countries for decades unending.

Unfortunately, the turn of events in this country with regards to our politics and the kind of democracy we have been practising for some time now leaves much to be desired. The National Dance Company (NDC) and the New Propaganda Practitioners (NPP) are always at each others throat for one unimportant reason or the other, failing to address what matters most to Ghanaians; Unemployment, falling standards of our educational systems, health, water, housing, energy etc. These two political parties have all it takes; human resources and otherwise to propel this country to its desired destination if they decided to work together. Yet, these two parties are solely responsible for what this country has turned into today. Unemployment, Corruption, Arm robbery, Streetism etc everywhere you turn, but do they care? NO! I don’t think so, all they care about is how to gain and maintain power! Power is what they desire and care about…

I like what Pastor Mensah Otabil said, ”Today, our media landscape has the appearance of a war zone. In the media, anonymous snipers callously shoot down their human targets. Character assassins take on contracts to eliminate opponents with innuendos, rumours and outright lies.”

Is it that we cant see the damage we are doing to ourselves or what? Our cities are chocked with filth. Educational standards are low, infectious diseases are killing us, our roads are unsafe for passengers, our water bodies are polluted, our forest cover is gone, industries are dying, homes are breaking, the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening, yet we still have the time and the mouth for propaganda? Christ! What is wrong with us? We are a third world country with a development deficit of 250 years or more for Christ sake.

Its about time we sit up as Ghanaians and demand what is rightfully ours which is, a Sustainable Development absent of finger-pointing and partisanship. If we as Ghanaians have stopped thinking, then this is the time to wake up from our slumber, think and act more. We talk too much, lets do more of the walk than the talk.

I have faith in the Ghanaian people, that a day will come when Party colours will be traded for National colours, when Ethnicity will make way for Nationality and Tribalism will give way for Patriotism. A day will come when no one will call us Politicians because we asked why the poor have no food and Hypocrites because we demand integrity from our Leaders. But that day can only be near if;

1. We learn not to allow our parochial and ethnic political biases to arrest our conscience and sense of decency.

2. We don’t push intelligent, sincere and honest exchanges on national development beyond the boundaries of reason. We should be able to raise and discuss any issue of value without it being painted in political colours.

3. Last but not the lest, we need to consider the merits of proposals regardless of which divide it comes from before dragging it into the gutters.


Ghana is a beautiful country; the envy of many African countries and if we must continue enjoying the peace and stability that we have today, then we need to take drastic measure now! For PEACE IS NOT AN INFINITE RESOURCE!