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My first driving experience..

Usually when the year is about to end, we take account of what has happened in our lives in the previous years and make resolutions to ensure that the new year is better the the previous ones.. Most people resolve to marry, change bad habits, find jobs/new jobs or be much closer to their God.., others..? Well…

For me, the very first on my list of resolutions for this year was to learn how to drive. Embarrassing as it may be to not know how to drive even after 30, I never thought it was necessary to learn how to drive until recently. Knowing how difficult it is for me too follow through with my resolutions, I quickly grabbed the opportunity to learn how to drive last week when the opportunity presented itself. And oh boy driving is sooo fun and easy..! ???????? A little bit scary I must confess, but so soo easy!

The stretch from Ho to Nive for those of you who know that road would agree with me that that is one of the coolest roads to drive on especially for a beginner. Fully tarred, less traffic with no potholes…, now that is the dream..!

If I told you how scared I was when I sat in the driver’s seat, you will not believe it. But with my seat belt on and my instructor in the front seat visibly sweating and clutching his seat in suspense of how things were going to turn out.., I hit the accelerator and drove my first resolution into completion barely a week into the new year.. Woow that felt good!

But as I drove on for the first time from Ho to Nive, I realized something very profound. The answers I needed to all the tormenting questions was right there., in the middle of the road all this while. “Alas! It is clear to me now”.., I said out loud. The life lessons I needed answers to were clearer to me now..

This was what i learnt right there in the middle of the road. You see, in life, you will never appreciate certain things unless you are in the driver’s seat.

1. Until you take control of your own life and drive it at you own pace, you will never get to your destination.

2. You will never advance in life if you fear to take risks. Driving a car for the first time is a “do or die” affair trust me but you will remain stagnant in life if you fear to make a move.

3. Slow motion is better than no motion (Ask Kdei). No matter how little your beginnings are, they are better than nothing. No one learns how to drive at a speed of 100mph. You start slow and increase gradually.

4. You don’t need to see the full stretch/distance of your journey before you start. Just pick a desired destination, focus on that destination and hit the pedal. All you need is a few meters of visibility and you are ready to go. Same applies in real life., to succeed you don’t necessarily need to know the final outcome before you make a move. What you need is to outline your goals and objectives, an action plan and then you are ready to go.

And finally..,

5. You don’t need to have traveled that journey before to successfully make it to your destination. Successful business men are those who set the pace for others to follow. Don’t say I haven’t done it before so when I try, I might fail.., always challenge yourself to do something new. If you fail, you learn from yourself and if you succeed, people will learn from you..

Mind you that was my very first time in the Volta region, first time driving and my first time using the road from Ho to Nive.. It’s not too late to learn and start something new. It’s you life.., it’s your choice!
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