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My dad’s old Peugeot 

Not many know this, but growing up in Bolgatanga, my dad used to own a Peugeot. Back in the 80s, owning a Peugeot in a Zongo was like owning one of these exotic cars in recent times. We were the envy of the community and even though I was very young at that time, I can vividly remember how people both young and old would come out to wave at my dad as he drove us to school each morning.. The sound of my dad’s car was an assurance and a source of hope for many in my community that regardless of where you are, God can locate and bless you…

 The car was my dad’s prized possession. He cherished it and treated it just as a living member of our family.. He made us understand that since we couldn’t physically/verbally abuse any member of our family, any form of jumping or playing in the car amounted to abuse and as such could not be tolerated.. Even we who were his kids were not allowed in the car except with a permission and supervision. Yes in that order. The old soldier was not only admired but feared both outside and in the home for his strict principles and no nonsense attitude.. His word was law!
As the years went by, the car grew weaker as my dad grew older..The community increased and prospered. More and more people started buying newer and nicer cars. My dad gave out the old Peugeot to be used as taxi but not long did it start developing faults so the old man grounded it. Spending so much to fix a car that will only fall apart in a few days didn’t seem like a good idea to him back then.
The car was no longer parked in the garage as it was “taking up space” was what my dad always said anytime we asked him why we couldn’t pack the car inside. My dad’s once prized possession was left at the mercy of the seasons., the kids in the area including myself used the car as a playing ground and thieves took off the car parts one after the other. The car that once made our household proud could now only be described as an empty scrap box..
So years passed by and my daddy?.., well, he got old. Simple things like walking became a very difficult tasks for him to do. Most of us had grown up and either left for school or moved out of the house. Those who were around were too young to run some type of errands for him. It was then, did he start missing the old Peugeot! I came back from school one time and he asked that we take the car to the fitters., but there was nothing they could do about it cos at that time the car was damaged beyond repairs..
If only my dad had not given out the car to be used as a taxi.., if only he committed a little more resources into repairing the car.., if only he had at least protected and saved the car in a safe place when it became faulty, today that he needed it more than ever, it would have still been in a repairable state…
My dad had to learn this lesson the hard way many years ago.., but unfortunately, many of us are still making these same mistakes in recent times.., maybe not with our cars, but with our bodies and lives..
As a person, your body/life is like a car and you are the driver of that car. You can choose to cherish, protect and speck it.. You can choose to repair it when it becomes faulty or u can choose to leave it out to rust. Anyhow u choose to treat that “car” now will show in the near future if it will be of any use to you or not.
As a lady, you need to protect and value what you have. Don’t leave it out to rust like a spoiled car else you open yourself up to be toyed with and used by kids, irresponsible and immature guys.. Honestly, few guys are really ready for marriage., so my sister, in 2017, resolve to be a good car and you will get a responsible “user”.., be a bad car and the kids will waste you..
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