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Is Pulling Out During Sex Really Safe?


Myths abound when it comes to conception. While some of them are quite believable like; you should schedule sex when you’re ovulating to get pregnant; some of the other ones are downright face-palming crazy – eg, you should stand straight up with your legs apart to let your man’s juices flow out of you, so you don’t get pregnant!

In this regard, there’s one myth that women all over the world have believed to be true, referring to it as a wonderful emergency pregnancy preventer when a condom is not around!

What is that?

The ‘pulling out’ technique, which basically happens when a man withdraws just before ejaculating, is one of the most popular methods of contraception among couples who err, forgot to use a condom or skipped the pill.

But does it actually stop you from ending up with a baby bump?


Even though there are fewer chances to get pregnant if you use this method, if you don’t do it right, you will find yourself planning a baby shower soon enough.

If your partner manages to pull out before even a little bit of semen comes out, then there are only four out of 100 chances of you getting pregnant

Now that is the perfect world scenario, which means it’s almost hypothetical and rarely ever happens. In the real world scenario, before the man ejaculates, he releases something called pre-cum, which also contains semen and can get you pregnant even if he pulls out ‘in time’.

So if you don’t time it perfectly, which is quite likely to happen in the heat of the moment, your chances of getting pregnant are high.

To put it in numbers, 22 out of 100 women can get pregnant if the man doesn’t withdraw at the right time

Doesn’t sound like a very safe method of contraception now, does it? To your dismay, there are plenty of other contraception myths that have been floating around and that you’ve probably thought are true when they’re actually not. Here are a few of them

1. Two condoms results in dual protection

This may sound like a really bad joke, but there are many couples who believe that using two condoms can act as an armor against the semen attack. Truth be told, wearing two at the same time can increase the chances of the condom tearing, and we all know what that means.

2. Being on the pill can cause infertility

Many women believe that the long-term use of the pill can cause infertility. The only thing that contraceptive pills do is prevent you from getting pregnant. Once you stop their use, your body will automatically become baby-ready all over again. This means that the pill does not interfere with your fertility level in anyway.

3. Condoms are a 100% safe

No, they’re not. Although they’re one of the best and the safest methods of contraception with almost very less chances of getting pregnant, they’re still not a 100% safe. In fact, condoms are only 98% safe, which means you can still get pregnant if the condom tears while you’re having sex or if semen leaks out and other similar circumstances.

Many couples also believe that if they have unprotected sex when the woman is breastfeeding post-childbirth, they will not get pregnant. But that is not true! So before you fall prey to these misconceptions, make sure you do your homework!

Are there any other misconceptions or myths about sex you know? share with us in our comment section!

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