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By: Nii Ganyobi Sarkey

“After so many weeks, Nii’s dream girl comes over to visit him in his hostel room on the university campus…Nii is impressed by her talents…they are in the middle of a chat…”


NII:                 I am chatting with a woman of many dazzling facets, can we start all over? Excuse me madam, my name is Nii. What is your name?

EDYTHE:       (smiling) Nii gerrout!

NII:                 ( in mock sorrow) Oh pleeeeeeease???

EDYTHE:       (laughs) Okay, my name is Edythe Saks

NII:                 Really? Wow! We share the same name then. Interesting! I like that, no, I love that.

EDYTHE:       Really? I love you too. I mean I love that too.(coy laughter)

NII:                 You love me? I am falling off my chair, my head is growing big. Heeeelp! (he mock falls) There goes my head!

EDYTHE:       (laughing) Oh don’t fall, let me help you up. (he pulls her down on top of him on the floor) Ouch. There! Your head is fixed now.

NII:                 You are lying on top me and fixing my head, honestly I feel like kissing you.

EDYTHE:       Is that for real? Or it’s part of the act?

NII:                 (whispering) I don’t care which one it is for, I just wanna kiss you.

EDYTHE:       (whispering) I don’t care about the answer, I might wanna kiss you back. (looks away, slightly embarassed)

NII:                 (turns her head back to look at him) Don’t be shy, the feeling is mutual. (proceeds to make the first move, she clears her throat, gets up and sits and straightens her dress)

EDYTHE:       Erm, I saw the door isn’t closed, people can see through the trapdoor net.

(He rushes to close the door, and comes back. he goes closer, with her eyes closed, anticipating a kiss. Just then there’s a bang on the door, Ekow, Nii’s room mate interrupts)

EKOW:           Nii, here is ur bottle of sobolo!

NII:                 Ekow, but you too why?

EKOW:           Ah! But you called me earlier and requested for it? Your bottle dat! (To EDYTHE) Hey! How’s it? it’s been a while.

EDYTHE:       Hi Ekow.

EKOW:           Oh Nii, you forget say you tell me say…

NII:                 Ekow, what are you doing? You know say I be allergic to sobolo. The sun doesn’t help it’s digestion in my stomach.(Ekow opens his mouth to talk, Nii interrupts.) And stop talking to Edythe, she no wan talk.

EDYTHE:       (Gets up to leave) I have to go now Nii.

NII:                 No don’t. Wait!

EDYTHE:       I have to go read a while. We’ll meet again.

EKOW:           You too why are you harassing the girl? Edythe see you at Talk Town! Bye.

NII:                 Okay let me see you off. (they exit room. outside) Sorry about that.

EDYTHE:       Never mind.

NII:                 So I’ll be performing at the next Talk Town, will you be there?

EDYTHE:       Really? It will be nice.

NII:                 It sure will.

(EDYTHE’s phone rings)

EDYTHE:       Hi Prissy! What’s good? What? Where are you? Really? I’m just around the corner. I should meet you where? Okay. In thirty seconds? Bye. (To Nii) Gotta run.

NII:                 But wait. Can I see you some other time? Can i visit you?

EDYTHE:       Sure. Call me. (she takes his phone and dials her number). Volta Hall, Annex C…room 3b. I’ll be alone tonight. (She runs off. Nii watches her run. A.B Crentsil’s “Moses” begins to play in his head. he heads back to his room. Ekow is asleep.)

NII:                 Herr, Kwasia boy! Wake up! Why your life dey so?

EKOW:           What I do?

NII:                 You do your…look it’s too early for ony3.

EKOW:           Oh chale!

NII:                 Fiw chale! Small chewing man wan chew! Soso enemies of progress.

EKOW:           But me I no know!

NII:                 Make you no do make I bash your head. You no know what? Commot for der!

EKOW:           Yoo I hear. I go fit bed now?

NII:                 For the where? Where the sobolo dey?

EKOW:           Ah! Ino be you say you no dey drink sobolo?

NII:                 Herrr! I for whip you. You craze? You no see say I for flex the chick small?

EKOW:           Well I no know.

NII:                 So where e dey?

EKOW:           Edey my moff inside.

NII:                 Eh?

EKOW:           I drink am.

NII:                 Mtchew. Foolish man’s son. I dey hung, I dey go find some beans chop. (Nii exits)

EKOW:           Ei boys! Yoooo! (goes back to sleep.)


 In The Evening. 8.30. Edythe is getting jittery, wondering if Nii will come. There’s a knock on the door. She gets nervous. She opens the door. It’s Nii, all dressed up.


NII:                 Hi,

EDYTHE:       Hey, I thought you’d never come.

NII:                 Well I am here now, can I come in?

EDYTHE:       Sure, sure. Like I said I didn’t think you’d come. As you can see I already changed into my nightie.

NII:                 Forgive me, Ekow delayed me. He is an enemy of progress.

EDYTHE:       Hahaaa, easy ooo. Anyway what will you drink?

NII:                 (confused as he just realises she is wearing a transparent nightie.) Ermm, should I go out for you to get dressed?

EDYTHE:       (coy laughter) I’m just gonna wear my morning coat.

NII:                 Morning coat in the night paaa…*dry joke*

EDYTHE:       What will you drink?

NII:                 (confused the more, since morning coat is also transparent.) Eeerm, nothing.

(She puts on the t.v. Nii is staring at her, she laughs, unevenly.)

EDYTHE:       Nice movie (Nii is still staring)…I like that guy’s movies.

NII:                 (quite ashamed, unregrettably though) yeah, me too. Oh look, I’ve taken over the space on your bed.

EDYTHE:       I’ll just fit in here. (she sits closely by him, and the side of her breasts brush his arm. *wow*.. an erection is imminent.)

NII:                 Erm, can I sit on the carpet?

EDYTHE:       No, there are ants there.

NII:                 I hate ants.

(A mosquito whizzes by, she attempts to swat it. Her boobs bounce a bit in the transparent nightie. Nii’s mouth goes dry.)

NII:                 So, how was your day?

EDYTHE:       It was okay I guess. Are you sure you want nothing to drink? I have sobolo in the fridge.

NII:                 I love sobolo, I mean I love your sobolo.

EDYTHE:       Hahaaa…

NII:                 Nice boobs.

EDYTHE:       Huh?

NII:                 Never mind.

EDYTHE:       You like em?


The goitre in his pants could no longer hold it, he responded by pulling her close by the waist and kissing her. She succumbed like a piece of jelly to his kiss which was even more sensuous than she imagined. The kiss was passionate, slow at first, slowly building tempo to a rough, wild, athletic like battle of the lips, where sweet talking tongues were intertwined in lip locking, sensually ecstatic, adventurous battle. The kissing continued intensely. Finally the two managed to fix themselves into the small bed in the room.The kissing paused as Nii took off his shirt. It continued, he kissed her tenderly on the lips and behind her ears. As the kiss progressed his fingers began to manuevre her lower back, peeling of the thinness of the morning coat in the process. She feebly tried to tell him to stop, but he drew her closer to him. The fragrance of his cologne jogging it’s way into her emotional senses. He smelt good!


EDYTHE:       (feebly) Maybe we should stop

NII:                 Do you really wanna stop?


He asked this question without looking up. He was too far now to stop. He easily slipped her out of her nightie, her full youthful breasts stood in his sight now. He stared sheepishly for a while at the firm and inviting breasts, and proceeded to softly grip them. He caressed slowly while kissing her neck. Then he cupped his lips on her nipples and began to lick them in circular motion slowly. Her nipples hardened shamefully to his lustful tongue. Her heart was racing. Gosh! This was an experience she hadn’t had in ages! All efforts to push him off had disappeared at this moment, and she had lost all remaining strengths of resistance. His fingers and tongue began to roam down her flat, sexy tummy, kissing and caressing every piece of skin as they went along. He sucked her navel and she gave a subtle moan.

His singlet and trousers were off now, and while his hands worked her butt, his head proceeded to her inner thighs, and slowly climbed up. He could feel her heartbeat thumping in her thighs. As he got to her lower abdomen he looked into her eyes for permission. And she responded by slightly lifting her waist as he slipped her off her almost invisible panties. She responded by opening up ever so slightly. He decided to tease her a bit by licking her inner thighs and massaging her hardened nipples at the same time. This sent electric pulses through her, she forced to catch her breath. She pushed his head in between her thighs. Her eyes were closed, as he was stroking with his tongue and slowly proceeding to meet the wet verses, of inner pleasure, the core of ecstasy. His tongues slowly worked up her thighs and stopped just at the base …


A knock on the door.


They didn’t hear it at first, he was about to stick his tongue in when the knock came again.


NII:                 Oh no! Is the door locked. (Edythe nods)

VOICE:          Edythe! are you there?

EDYTHE:       (whispering) It’s my room mate

NII:                 (mumbling) shit!

EDYTHE:       I have to open the door

NII:                 What?

EDYTHE:       But I should open it is my roomie. (Shouting) Prissy, I’m in here. Will be out in a bit!


(Nii quickly rushed to wear his clothes as she slipped her nightie and morning coat on.)


NII:     (whispering) What does she even want? It’s friday, she should go to her boyfriend.


Edythe couldn’t find her panties. She wanted to ask him, but she didn’t know how to ask, “where is my pioto?” No time now, just open the door. She takes a quick glance at Nii, he was fully dressed now. That was fast. She brushed her hair, straightened the bed put a cloth around her waist on the nightie. She opened the door.

EDYTHE:       Hi Prissy! What’s up? It didn’t look like you were coming back.

PRISSY:          Yeah, I’m waiting for Joe, he’s passing by the mall to pick up something. He’ll be here pretty soon. You look a bit disheveled. Everything cool?

EDYTHE:       Yeah…meet Nii. He just passed by.


Prissy, had this “I know what you’ve been doing” smirk on her face as she turned to Nii.


PRISSY:          Hi, nice to meet you.

NII:                 Nice to meet you too. *lie*

PRISSY:          Ei Edyth, is he the one? Is he the chosen one?


Edyth and Prissy get caught up in girl chatter, and that was when Nii saw it. Edythe’s G string. He had to act fast.


NII:                 Is that a cockroach?


Prissy runs out of the room. Edythe jumps about. Nii holds up her pant. “Silly boy,” she mumbles as she takes it and wears it fast.


PRISSY:          (shouting from outside) Kill it! Have you finished killing it?

EDYTHE:       Yeah you scaredy cat. get back in here.

PRISSY:          Are you sure?

EDYTHE:       Get back in here before I tell the your boyfriend that you are scared of roaches.


Prissy comes back in.


PRISSY:          Oh my God! Where’s it?

EDYTHE:       You don’t wanna see it do you?

PRISSY:          Of course not! Ah, did I interrupt anything?


“Hell yeah” Nii thought, you just interrupted my once chance of seeing paradise. But before he spoke, Edythe answered.


EDYTHE:       (looking pleadingly in hs eyes) yeah, Nii was just about leaving. he…he passed by to say he was on the block.

PRISSY:          Really?

NII:                 Yeah, yeah…what’s the time?

EDYTHE:       9:45.

NII:                I have to run. Ekow will be waiting for me. We need to cook for tomorrow .

PRISSY:          Cook? But…

EDYTHE:       Yeah cook…  they cook by themselves. They have an early day tomorrow.


Truth be told, if they had to cook to win a million dollars, they’d probably end up owing a million dollars. Nii stood and walked toward the door. He hugged both girls and was just about stepping out when Joe, Prissy’s boyfriend arrived. He hugged Prissy and gave Nii a handshake. Nii left.


JOE:               Are you ready baby?

PRISSY:          I’ve been waiting for you. I’m ready. Let’s go. Wait, let me touch up a bit. Wait here, stay out of the girl’s room.




Nii almost cursed himself as he walked away. He took slow steps and recollected each memory of that encounter. He tried consoling himself in the fact that at leats, he had seen “Jerusalem gates”. A silly smile spread across his face. “That’s enough to brag about” he thought. He didn’t really keep track of time. Almost half an hour had passed and he was trodding towards his hostel, which was outside the campus premises. His phone beeped. Text message.


“So who do you expect to mop up the wetness you have created? All clear. Report back to base!”


He did not know the number, but he knew who sent it. he mumbled a faint “Awurade meda w’ase” turned round, and bolted back to the place he just left. he darted between the bushes and didn’t care about the branches that kept hitting his face. There was glory ahead. he got there in no time! he slowly walked to the door and knocked. He heard a reply that made his heart leap. “I’m ready”. He opened the door to see Edythe lying stark naked on her bed in the room. She had this “come to mama” look.


EDYTHE:       Get over here!


He quickly took off all his clothes and hopped into the bed beside her. He was just about to penetrate when he felt the smack. What was that? He felt it again, heavier this time.


“Wake up you idiot!” It was Ekow, the sunlight came cutting in through his sleepy eyelids.


WHAT?????? You must be kidding me…it was…a dream? No! It couldn’t have been a dream. it was all      so…real.


NII:                 Where she dey?

EKOW:           Where who dey?

NII:                 Edythe, where Edythe dey?

EKOW:           Massa, I tell you say that girl no be your class. The earlier you go forget about am the better. See how she make you dey have nightmares.

NII:                 Ino be nightmare ooo, chale ino be dream sef! Ibi real!

EKOW:           Ino be your fault, massa we already make late. You forget say Prof. Akilakpa say we get some quiz this morning? Go brush your teeth make we go.



Nii walked zombified behind Ekow, dream still fresh in his mind. he could have sworn it was not a dream. It was too good to be one. But if this was the closest way he could ever come close to her, then so be it. At least, he fire am for dream inside, well, nearly fire. He trudged on lost in thought when he saw her. There she was! Beautiful, absolutely spotless! What a beauty! He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she drove past in her BMW. He just couldn’t take his eyes off her. He trudged on blindly. Even the car was mentioning her name. She just commanded nature to bow. She just…”Nii!!!!!”

That was all he heard before the professor’s car run into him.


He painfully opened his eyes to see his parents sitting by his bed, and his leg hanging from the ceiling. Damn! He had been hit by a car. “Thank God you’re back!.” His dad sighed, his mom wept, looked up and said “Thank you Jesus.” Ekow, his friend was seated next to him. “You nearly scared me man! Don’t do that again!” Although he felt pain, he smiled. he was alive. Thank God he was alive. He didn’t know why he was alive. Then he saw her, she rushed in from nowhere. “Are you okay? I heard you had an accident.” Even the voice sent shocks down his hurting spine. He couldn’t believe it. “Yeah” he mumbled. “When I heard that you were in a coma in my father’s hospital, I couldn’t help but follow your health. Don’t worry” she said, “you will be fine.”


For once he thanked God he had broken his leg..


Maybe the interruptions in his life were really directions, maybe they were. But no matter the case, he just sighed, closed his eyes and smiled, not caring what next would interrupt him. He was waiting for the interruptions now. A silly idea came into is mind, he was going to use the injury to be friends with Edythe. Silly thought, but fine by him. He mumbled a faint thank you for that professor’s car that contributed to his current blessing. It could always get better you know.

Long after his parents had left, she entered his ward with two cans of soft drink. “Here,” she said as she gave him one. He gladly took the drink, not because he really wanted the drink but finally he had got the opportunity to be with her. “I am sure this hurts, but I’ll hang around to give you moral support.”

He laughed, genuinely, not because what she said what funny. It was a way of saying, “God if it takes a broken leg to get her attention, then Lord, please, break the other one.