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How “Rice water” saved my life!


Those who know me will tell you that.., there is nothing that will make Bouda take “Rice water” (Rice porridge) for breakfast. Not even when you “laka” it with my favorite Ideal milk and B.Foster bread.. Never! i am not allergic to it.., i just don’t like it…

So it came to me as a surprise when this morning, all i was craving for was “raw rice water” (Just rice water without milk and bread).. I tried to shake it off for some few hours but when it was almost 10am and yet the craving wasn’t budging, i knew i had no other option but to prepare some quickly (no matter how small) and get it done with…

I rushed to the kitchen (which also serves as my hall), grabbed a pot, filled it with water, fetched 3 handful of rice from the sack (its a lie i fetched 4.., ok honestly it was 4 and half) into the pot and shifted the gears of the cylinder (cum burner combined) to the highest and then i went back to watching (I think i added salt first before i went back to watching) #HIMYM

You see God works in mysterious ways.. After about 20mins when i went back to the kitchen, my breakfast was ready but too thick for my liking so, i fetched just a little and planned to throw the rest away when i was ready to wash the dishes. Then i got a call and left home to meet a friend and got home after 7pm…

Hungry and desperately in need of something to eat., i decided to cook something fast and easy (Rice and Egg stew)… Kpakpakpa.., in less than 20mins my stew was done (For some unknown reason, i usually prepare the stew first before the rice)., But just when i was about to break the eggs into the stew.., the cylinder run out of gas… OMG!… Now i have just stew without eggs and without rice to eat with. Mum always insisted i get a coal pot but i never did bother cos in my head coal pots belonged to her generation, not mine (i so regretted not buying that damn coal pot)..

So now here i am with just a pot of eggless stew, no rice, no kenkey joints anywhere near my house to buy and i don’t stock up on gari cos my pet mouse (Mrs Norris) will find it no matter how hard i try to hide it… What should i do? What can i do? hmmmm! But just when i was about giving up something came into my head!

Like i said earlier.., God works in mysterious ways.., HIS ways are not our and what HE thinks, we can’t fathom… Just when i was about to give up., something said i should look inside the “rice water pot”.., to my surprise when i did.., what i thought was rice water in the morning was so fresh and dried up with no sign of water. Except that it was cold., it looked and tasted like freshly prepared rice.., My God! the rice water i have hated all throughout the day., is what has saved my night!

I am so out of words right now.., for all i can say is God is great! Well, as expected, i didn’t even make time to fetch the rice into a bowl before eating.., straight into the pot i dished out some of the stew., spread my legs like when Olele is in his elements and decides to make it a “free for all” for the opposing team and gobbled all in like a hungry Moshie man will do.., Aaaah! all  feels right now! The Big Man above is still in the miracle business!