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David Oscar now a musician? Wonders will never end.


David Oscar is a young hardworking Ghanaian “Showbizer” who is yet to identify his talent or area of expertise… He started off his career as a Comedian after he was discovered by Charter House in the first edition of the Stars of the Future reality show.

Realizing that comedy was not for everyone, he quickly switched to hosting “Laugh a Minute”.., a TV show on Viasat1, which was later taken off air after several complaints from viewers..

He had a bit of luck as an actor when he was featured in the hit TV series by Sparrows Productions “PEEP”… A feet which many believed he gained as a result of the hard work of the director of PEEP., Shirley Frimpong-Manso…

Even though he is yet to gain ground as an actor, a radio presenter and the event host that he already is, David Oscar has yet again ventured into another area of show business, this time around as a musician…

His first single is due this Saturday 18th, July 2015. The song is title Monalisa and those who want to be the first to listen can sign up to the Deezer platform on Tigo.

Will David Oscar be able to make it as a musician?