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Celebrating Rashida was a BIG mistake


Last night a lady friend of mine called., during our conversation, she jokingly said.,

“Bouda, how about I make a video of myself making some nasty allegations about you.., and considering that you are seemingly known, I will soon trend.. who knows, maybe I will also be invited by Viasat1 for an interview and eventually win an award too”… Then she laughed a little and continued., “You know I’m still unemployed and with the Ghc2000+ investment award prize, I could set up that small Makeup/Facial business I have always talked about”.. ????????

It was very funny the way she said, and it got us laughing for a while… But that was just the beginning of a serious conversation that ensued later… The topic? Rashida Blackbeauty aka #Malafaka

You see, personally I tried to be as indifferent as possible as I could be since this issue came up and I hv written just abt one or two posts abt it if my memory serves me right.. The simple reason is that, social media is not for my father therefore, I can’t decide for others how they choose to use it.. I don’t buy data for anybody therefore I can’t decide on the kind of content you put out for the whole world to see.. And above all seriously, what you do on social media is none of my malafaking business..

But I chose to speak seriously about it now because, this has gone beyond social media into our mainstream media.. I can understand if we make “Two Thoozing” and “Rashida” overnight sensations and instant “celebrities” on social media but when we encourage such insanity on our mainstream media, then that is a whole new ballgame that cannot and should not be tolerated.. The mainstream media has in recent times lost focus and have been reduced to mere trivialities forgetting that it’s foremost objective is to act as an agent of positive change and socialization.. So pathetic!

Let no one sit somewhere thinking that I have a problem with Rashida’s instant claim to fame cos I don’t.. My problem is, what morals are we teaching the younger ones? That premarital sex is good? or that it’s cool for a teenager to openly express her sexual prowess instead of being in school? Maybe it’s her indecent dressing or her insolent attitude that amuses them so much that they felt the need to project her for the whole world to see by awarding her..

I am so sad right now that female activists are not up in arms condemning this issue right now. Can you imagine what would have happened if it was a guy who made such a video about his girlfriend? Would he have received such rousing welcome? Won’t we have crucified him for demeaning the entire female generation? Awarding him would have been the last thing on everyone’s mind right now..

How many brilliant young girls drop out of school every year just bcos they can’t afford to pay their school fees? How many potential doctors have had their dreams shattered just bcos they couldn’t afford to pay for their WAEC exams? Do u know the number of books Ghc2000 can buy for Adabase primary school in Daweo, Bolgatanga? And do you know that little Kuuku died two days ago just bcos his parent couldn’t afford the additional Ghc2000 needed to complete the amount for his hole in heart surgery? Yet we sit here and glory foolishness..

Look, truth be told, we encourage a lot of nkwasiasem in Ghana.. We never give attention to what is important for the growth this nation.. We need to wake up.. Ghana needs to set it’s priorities right!

And if you are out there thinking that those of us talking against this Malafaka issue are envious of Rashida Black Beauty.., then my brother/sister you need some CHURCH!