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Anger and Hatred

On my way to the office this morning, i came across this young lady who should be in her mid 20s… She didn’t look too happy and you could see from her face that she had been awake all night long. As i got closer to her, i notice she was talking on phone.., curiously but rude on my part, i reduced the pace at which i was walking in other to eave drop on her conversation… I didn’t    really hear much, but the little over heard is what I want to share with you…

She had tears in her eyes.., and her voice was shaky.., and with the lowest of tone I heard her whisper the Words..,

“…For every tear I shared, you’ll share dozens.., for every heartache I felt, you’ll feel thousands.., and for every sleepless night I had, you’ll have a Life time…” Then she added, “…And I’ll never forgive and forget this pain that you have caused me…”



For a moment my legs grew numb, I felt shivers run down my spine while tears filled my eyes… What on earth could a person have done to warrant such a curse…? Was the question I couldn’t stop asking myself as I continued my walk to the office… Behind my desk at the office, it took me more than 20mins to put myself in the right frame of mind before I could start doing anything productive…, during that period, a few things crossed my mind..,

  1. Who was she talking to…? Could it have been her boyfriend?
  2. If it was, what on earth could he have done to deserve such a curse?
  3. Did she know the magnitude of what she had said…? Or did she just say it because she was hurting at that moment…?
  4. Does the guy have any idea of the kind of consequences that could come his way as a result of what has been said…?
  5. And my last question is, at what point does any human deserve such a Anger and Hatred?

She may have been hurt and could be saying all this out of anger and frustration.., and rightly so, her heart was bleeding and she had every right to feel what she was feeling and say what she said… We all have gone through such hurtful trying moments before and surely enough, some us might have done or said worse things before and so, we can relate to what she is feeling…

Sometimes, I can’t seem to understand why people don’t feel it when they are hurting other people. Is it that they lack the ability to feel for their fellow human being or its just sheer wickedness…? But over the period, I’ve come to realize that, to be happy in a relationship, nothing matters more than finding someone who has a conscience and the fear of God in them. Look beyond the Sparks and the Butterflies…

But coming back to the reason why I decided to write this piece in the first place, “At what point should you harbor Anger and Hatred for someone…?” If you ask me, I will say NEVER! There should never be a point in your life when you should entertain Hatred and Anger for a fellow man. No human deserves it. Besides, let’s be honest to ourselves, we all have one way or the other hurt other people too before. So why can’t we just take it as it comes and move on…? Can we imagine what this world will look like if we all decide not to forgive one another?


All our religious books have a chapter or two dedicated to the concept of “Forgive and Forget”. That should tell how important it is to forgive others their trespasses as we pray to God to forgive us ours…

Many of us don’t know the tremendous healing power that forgiving others has upon our lives… We wouldn’t have thought twice about forgiving others if we did. When you forgive others, you open yourself up for God to forgive you of your sins and heal you of your heartaches and pains… Forgetting about the pains that other people have caused you on the other hand, gives you a different perspective of life and a brand new opportunity to start all over again hence the need to “Forgive and Forget” 

Apart from what our religious books say, naturally when you forgive others, it brings some kind of inexplicable happiness to you. I have tried it before.., and trust me the feeling is beautiful… It makes you proud, it makes you stand tall, and it makes you feel like a victor… Try It!

Don’t hate, it’s too big a burden to bear.


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