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Akrobeto in BIG trouble as Secret daughter surfaces


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Pictures making rounds on social media of a young lady in her early twenties have sparked up controversies about whether the young lady in question is indeed the daughter of the popular kumawood actor Akrobeto or not.

Though pretty and looks nothing like Akrobeto physically, the iconic “Akrobeto Nose” is quite unmistakable.


The nose is not the only thing she has in common with Akrobeto, her vibrancy and photogenic appeal make it even more difficult for the Kumawood actor to deny any paternal knowledge of her existence.


Sources close to family of Akrobeto disclosed that even though the Kumawood actor is yet to establish contact with the lady, they are hopeful that she could be the long lost daughter Akrobeto have been looking for in the past 23 years since he found out he had a daughter with an unknown woman.

Grab a front-row seat and keep your fingers crossed as this story is just about starting. Look through the pictures and tell us what you think. Could this lady be Akrobeto’s daughter?


NB: For satirical purposes!