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A-Plus mocks at Nana Aba


Very famous Ghanaian television broadcaster since yesterday has trended on social Medias worldwide for the dumbest possible reason ever. Nana Aba for those who are lost and have no clue of what’s going on stole photos on twitter & told her followers the most useless biggest lie that; she was at the Trafford stadium in England for the just end Manchester united soccer game whilst she had her black ass right here in Ghana.

The TV3 presenter got busted by the owner of the photos who posted the full picture of himself with some of the Man-U soccer stars in it plus another picture of him sitting at the stadia on which Nana Aba aggressively cropped off his face. I won’t waste my time to explain it – JUST CLICK HERE TO READ IF YOU MISSED.

Now back to the matter.

Ghana’s popular and most contentious musician/comedy star, Kwame A-Plus after spotting Nana Aba trending shamefully on the internet called out & mocked Nana Aba Anamoah with a hilarious meme nobody ever thought will even break the internet.

For a second I thought A-PLUS was trying to defend the presenter but when I viewed the meme A-plus posted on Facebook very well; I Just Said #NanaAbaWasThereSome – The presenter is finished.

Nana Manchester Aba has still not come out to say a word & we are still waiting.

And this is what A-PLUS POSTED! #ChillingWithAplus LOL..

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