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This is a feeling I can’t explain, when words aren’t enough

An angelic soul that walked in when life got tough

Something happens in my heart each time I hear your name

I’ve fallen so deep for you and things will never be the same


And I know you so well cause we clicked from the start

Even from back then I knew our friendship would never part

But now we are something more which is nice and strong

I know in our relationship nothing can go wrong


We have our own little fairy tale with a happy ending

Except you and I are still at the beginning

We are so close that I know we can make it till forever

We’re strong enough to jump over any hurtle together


During the joyous seasons my heart will still belong to you

As yours will be with mine and we’ll still be in love and true

I’m so in love with your body, your personality and soul

Its all your qualities that day by day keeps me whole


Because I’m so in love with you I trust you with everything

I’m comfortable in front of you and I’ll do anything

If I ever were to lose you I don’t know how Id live each day

I’d miss your touch, your presence every word you say


Your everything captured my heart that long time ago

The specialty and the qualities that I’ll never let go

Each time i dream of our lips connect and our hands touch

Its the beautiful feeling of knowing I love you so much

We share a love so wonderful that will be passed on to our kids

Its so magical and admirable that no one could ever forbid

What ever I do during the day you are always on my mind

Everything reminds of you since our hearts combined


I cannot wait to be your husband, when I hear you say I do

The only girl I want to spend my life with is you

every minute of every hour your heart is still with mine

You are the torch that has let my light shine

And where ever you go you’ll take my love with you

Its so big and enjoyable, respectful and true

I will do anything for you just to see you smile

Because each day of my life you’ve made it worth while


Photo Courtesy: www.firstcovers.com

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  1. Beautiful piece…