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“Legalize the chopping”

I chose this particular title for this write-up not for want of a better title, but because it aptly describes the message I intend sharing with you this morning..

After 14 years of ACTIVE sex life, the best I have had was after marriage. Not because the others weren’t good enough or sexually adventurous, but there is this innermost Joy and Excitement that comes with “eating the distin” the legal way. This joy and excitement you’ll never get even if you bed a thousand women. I call it the “Joy of the distin”. That is what real lovemaking is about..

Apart from the fact that premarital sex is frowned upon by religion and our society and the fact that you are at risk of contracting dozens of incurable diseases, have you really paid attention to the guilt that comes with promiscuity? Your conscience is what differentiates you as a human being from an animal., if you don’t feel a heavy weight on your conscience after sleeping around, then my brother/sister your house people are doing you.

I know that most men and women of today fear commitments. I know the usual excuse men give is, “they are not ready”. I know most men/women are afraid of making the wrong choices. I know. I know the uncertainties. I won’t lie to you, marriage is a big risk., ask any married person and they will tell you…

…but marriage is a very beautiful experience.. marriage is not for everyone., it’s for a few specially favoured individuals. It comes with respect. Your status changes once you take that bold step..

You don’t need money to marry. The first step to marriage is to reorient your perspective and perception about marriage. Prepare your mind, body and soul for the institution of marriage and you will see how simple it will be for you when the time comes.

But by all means #StopTheIllegalGalamsey #LegalizeTheChopping #BoudaGh


  1. Great post celebrating marriage. Over 2 million millennials in the United States get an STD each year. Promiscuity has many negative consequences. If you get a girl pregnant, and don’t marry her, it creates social problems that can last for generations.
    I wrote a short essay called “Two Reasons Why Premarital Sex Increases the Risk of Divorce.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback: https://christopherjohnlindsay.wordpress.com/2017/08/23/premarital-sex-divorce/

    • Thank you for that beautiful comment. Premarital sex indeed has so many consequences., unfortunately our generation feels it’s the ok and normal to do it.