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10 reasons why women should ditch panties

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1. It’s just comfortable.

This reason is #1 for me. It’s just more comfortable! Your vagina and your pants will enjoy some quality time together.

2. There’s no real link between underpants and infection.

You may have heard that going commando leads to more infections, and when you apply some thought to it, it seems to make sense. But the idea has long been debunked. The Village Voice recently reported that there’s no scientific research indicating a correlation between not wearing underpants and getting infections.

3. There is some evidence that not wearing undies prevents infection.

Dr. Katea gynecologist, has found that underwear causes irritation and itching which leads to more infections. Vaginas also tend to be hairy and moist which adds another layer for bacteria to breed in.

4. No more visible pantie line!

Not that it even really matters all that much, but one of the numerous women’s fashion faux pas that can be committed just so easily is the VPL. But when you go commando, it’s no longer a concern. But be aware, camel toe is still a thing.

5. You’ll be prepared for it when you actually need to go commando.

Some outfits require you to not wear underpants, and simply not wearing underpants is a great way to prepare for that event.

6. You’ll feel sexier.

Sure, a lacey pair of lady underpants can be just the thing needed to make you feel sexy, but what could be sexier than going commando under some jeans? It’ll improve your confidence in all areas of life too.

7. Your partner will love it.

Let’s play a game. Walk up to your partner and tell him or her that you’re not wearing any underpants and see what happens. Extra credit if you can whisper it to them in a public place. You’ll be the only person on their mind.

8. Pants will fit better.

And that’ll lead to greater comfort during the day, and I’m all about comfort. It’ll be as if you dropped a few pounds but really, you just dropped your undies.

9. You might get some interesting sensations throughout the day.

This one can really make your day. Sometimes with jeans especially, the seam of your pants can rub up against your vagina, and hey, that’s alright. Take a moment to appreciate it.

10. You won’t have to wash underwear anymore.

Source: Higher Perspective