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We are ready to marry but Ghanaian men are “fearoos”

“When we took the hard decision to defend and serve mother Ghana we never anticipated that it was going to cost us an opportunity to find our life partners”, Amina Seidu, 26 (not her real name).

“It has been more than 4yrs in the service and not a single man has made an attempt to approach me not to talk of proposing to me. Apart from being a military woman, I am human too with needs.., how do you expect me to give out my best when those needs are not met?” Esther Amisah, 28 (not her real name)

These are but a few of the comments some of the frustrated military women at the Burma Camp shared with us when boudaonline.wordpress.com visited the camp. When asked why men are not making advances towards them even though they are equally beautiful as their civilian counterparts, they explained that the only reason they could think of is that, Ghanian men are afraid to propose to them.

When we stepped on the street to ask the opinion of the general public about this issue, many were those who agreed to the fact that proposing to a military woman will be a difficult task for them.

We know Gh men to be confident and fearless which is why we want to throw it back to the general reading public, Do you think Ghanaian men are fearoos for which reason they can’t propose to military women?


  1. Well I don’t think Ghanaian men are fearoos. To my experience I think Ghanaian society has a problem when it comes to socially connecting with female counterparts, we should know that getting to approach a woman is not that simple for some men as some think it is,, one has To be that smart and come out with right approach to attract a woman, such lifestyles are learnt from childhood ages, and also the kind of neighborhood or social lifestyle one finds himself or grows up. I still have friends that can’t openly approach women they are interested in and those that approach are not able to come out with good communication to get the woman interested and 70% are of such issues. Getting to corn a woman is something one has to learn to do and it’s a social and personal approach. Ghanaian society is so sick when it comes to socialization, and seriously many now also think getting to approach a woman is about showing off or having money, so many already don’t have the courage before they meet such ladies. And with all this weaknesses just to get to talk to a normal beautiful Ghanaian lady,, how many more will have the courage or let’s say the ‘vim’ to approach a women in a military uniform,, Nawa for us o lolz. Also it must not be always the men that has to approach a woman, the Ghanaian women can learn also to turn to open up to guys too, like the westerners do.

  2. Enockson Ekow Assabae

    hahaa who said Guys fear this ladies???
    well to Me such ladies are the ones I’m interested in having relationship with….
    U just give me one of their numbers n see if u wil not be the MC for our wed ceremony…..
    infact I’m nt joking n I mean every word said
    that’s my motto

  3. Hahaha! I don’t think Ghanaian men afraid to propose to military women, the problem is that some of them made themselves so big in a such a way that you cannot even get close to them! Many men proposal to women have been rejected so going in for another woman especially military woman makes it difficult for them thinking like ” would this proposal work something like that so I suggest that the military women should also come out and propose to make it easier for men “. This is my number you can give it to one of them to call me 0249617292, thanks!!!

  4. Am also looking for one but just that I have not find one .So it does not mean we are fearoos. Anybody ready can call me on 0241544320

  5. Hu told u dat we re fearoos???
    The factis that, we don’t propose Now but rather do da particles.
    Coz wen u approach to her and say “OFFICER, PLS CAN WE DATE OR BE MY DATE aa” the answer will be “NO”. U re not my “TYPE” is their anthem.
    So we bacome friends and fuck say Bye bye to them.
    That’s the particles i was talking about.
    Dey brk themselves 2 be too EXPENSIVE and that is what we The Ghanaian Guys hate.
    So let them no, They should never underestimated A GHANAIAN BLACK HUNTER.
    0543103333 is my digits call me if u wanna try am.
    Good morning

  6. Connect them. Am not afraid.

  7. Hahaha
    That’s never true, this same ladies are interested in Men in the service and does not look at their options with civilians. Speaking from experience

    • Good morning it is good to be fearful ???? than to marry ???? a woman ???? who always on battlefield. I I recently proposed to a lady in uniform @ 37 military hospital and she just end up ???? laughing ???? at me and asking me if I have lost my way home ????. Am ever ready with my wedding ???? rings.0244950347

  8. We are not afraid of them but they just don’t give in bcoz of the uniform they wear. If they could be a little friendly to civilians it could work. One can whatsapp or call on 0504607474 for a fresh new life full of love and happiness in marriage.

  9. Our dearest military ladies ,we the “Ghanaian gent” do not find anything wrong with as been the Yaa Asantewaas, but our only problem is with how most of the military ladues carry themselves , of course some are very very nice to be around , others are also so unspeakable to describe
    Some ladies ignore their relations all in the name of the service
    But the truth still remains the same
    No human actually wants to be an island , humans need yhier fellow humans to relate with most especially the opposite
    To me , i will say to you to flashback and make mends to your past and make the necessary corrections
    We as in the “Ghanaian gents” love having you around as spouses , so kindly be real.

  10. They are on duty wn u see dem in uniform. They clad themselves to their fellow coleagues when not on duty. Hey if a Ghanaian man needs a lady he goes out looking for. They feel too big and proud just bcos of their what? A woman who feels too big can never even get the smallest thinking Ghanain man. A big woman who thinks normal about men will always find the best man. God bless her. 0205804341. I’m not interested but call, we can chat

  11. I am also for if she a Muslim, this my number 0242315582.
    The can also get husbands through social media.

  12. hahahahahaha. We are ready for you LA. We no dey fear la.

  13. This my number , can contact me for serious relationship. 0248500012

  14. I once saw a man beaten by a soldier just for calling a solderwoman. All my life is my dream to marry a solderwoman, but that put me of anytime i come across a women in uniform. In love to marry one. Infact is my dream to marry a solderwoman.lf they areare saying so am ready for one this my number 0266603269

  15. I’m not afraid but they always busy in their uniform there’s no need to disturb her when she’s working. I’ve been searching for such a woman and if anyone is interested, you can call or whatsApp me on 0245867762. I’m 27years of age lets talk more …

  16. A few I have encountered are so rigid gor my liking.
    Hard training, easy battle, … they say.
    This seems to have eaten into their brains.
    Tell them to emulate the Ghana Police babes n see what will happen in their relationships afterwards.
    As for Gh men being fearoos, it’s a fallacy. Even mad women are impregnanted on our streets by alerged sane men everyday, how much more Soja woman?

  17. Its difficult for a Ghanaian lady to accept a proposal within sum seconds. Some of them wont even give u the chance to talk to them cos they always showing the ugly face as if they ve seen a ghost. So if this military ladies ladies want life partners thn they shld open up the guys.

    • Its difficult for a Ghanaian lady to accept a proposal within sum seconds. Some of them wont even give u the chance to talk to them cos they always showing the ugly face as if they ve seen a ghost. So if this military ladies ladies want life partners thn they shld open up to the guys.

  18. Life is meant to be spent to be with somebody (in terms of relationship it should be somebody, that you as a person can’t leave without.) Growing in GH, made me understand the need that love is all about being with the person time and time on.
    One good reason why it seems to you girls that Ghanian men are afraid of you is that they have their own ways of doing things.
    I have met military women, and we are best of friends than all I have had. One ended up marrying my best friend, and she is with you at camp 37.

    But am shocked ooo. Are you girls sure guys don’t approach you. Hell no.
    And you say we are fearooo’s. Asem oooo.

    Just note one thing for short.
    There are known knows, there are known unknown, and there are also known knowns.
    “All I want to say is that there are something you and I know that we do not know”

    Hook up with on WhatsApp (0244655805) let’s get talking maybe you will end up marrying a friend of mine too.

  19. Infact, they shld put their numbers on board so we contact them.

  20. Hahaha we are not fearooos as you claim. Every man wants to marry not only beauty but faithful, submissive, lovely and honest. Some of these military ladies have non of these words in their character. most of them don’t even know how to cook, treat a man and keep a home plus a general notion that they are unfaithful. I want a woman I can control but to tell you the truth most of them are uncontrollable except they marry from the military. Don’t forget the military men are also Ghanaian. Are they also fearooos what prevent this able young men from marrying you and why are you not accepting their proposal.

    • Pls speak well OK, u r not talking to one military woman n is not every woman in the military who is irresponsible as u claim, so please mind your choice of words

  21. I’m a teacher , a lady in uniform told me she will never marry a teacher thank God I’m married


    It must be noted that, some guys are afraid because they think these ladies are full of principles that guys find it very difficult to approach.
    This cannot over rule the fact that relationship is a mutual thing WHICH should be taken into consideration. when it succeeds both benefit not only the guy. With this I will also say that these military ladies who are trained to be BOLD in every spheres in life are EQUALLY FEAROOS!!!

  23. I haven’t met such ladies before not that we are afraid to marry them. I really want to marry a soldier.

  24. It’s never true we fear you guys because it’s your service you are delivering and we also have our service to render to the nation. I have long want to marry either a police or soldier lady but I have not had the chance to. If willing just call me on 0241083921.

  25. Survival Sakyi

    I haven’t met such ladies before not that we are afraid to marry them. I really want to marry a soldier. This is my number 0245181518

  26. When you smile to them, they drawn as if they are on the battle fields. ….so how can we propose to them…….as a matter of fact I want to date so they can call me 0242762954

  27. Anyone ready for married can whatsapp me on line +233246883122.Single and Searching for de past 2yrs

  28. It is not true about Ghanaian men but is that young girls are in the camp where they dont associate theirselves with society that much, so where on earth will men get acess to them.
    This is my number 0241886941 / 0202187710

  29. Naaa…..hardly do you see them….take timeout to come to Nima…Newtown even with you wear…and trust me you will go back to the camp smiling all day if not laughing…

  30. Am ready, one of them can call me on 0242144827

  31. d only tym a man Is scared of a lady happens in movies not in real life so my dear military ladies wat y’all are saying is a serious accusation. am nt scared of military ladies so u can bell me on 0545046440

  32. dnt be saying things u hv no proof of. call or whatsapp me on 0545046440 n I’ll prove to y’all that not everyman is afraid of y’all. thanx

  33. Mine is simple here. The ladies,if u also fink u have feelings for a particular person please open it up to the person. U can see the person loves u but can’t tell all becos he is shy. I fink if u ladies also approach we the guys, then everything will move on smoothly. Tnx.

  34. My fellow ladies please don’t hesitate that much ohk. I will join u girls there very soon. Will be leaving for training soon. I will come cheer u girls up ohk.

  35. MILITARY women are sexy. Am looking for one….. Call me on 0243446776

  36. Oh, in fact if after reading the comments the soldier girls still say we be fearoos paa di33 then wara oo wara….Kw33 booz make willllllldddddddd I can just imagine how the military girls r having a gud laugh this afternoon over their smart phones n PC’s ….I doff ma hat off for all the number givers, hope u meet the girls for ur introductory slaps….Or kisses

  37. We r ever ready marry u girls but we hardly see u ladies out there. One of u bae can hala on 0208983384

  38. Alshabab militant

    Ah, we r afraid. Dyu think we want ur v***** to break out p**** into two

  39. Am Owusu Afriyie Alessandro from Dormaa – Ahenkro and am looking 4 military woman to marriage.#0543815180

  40. Am ready to marry any of them. But is soo difficult to even proposed to an other women who is not a military personal. I think they are ready they should at times come down to our limit. 0553529333

  41. We are not fears but the fact is that ladies in Ghana have failed to do their part when it come to starting a relationship. I don’t think it is a sin for a woman to aproach a guy. Men are always given that sole responsibility which is not supposed to be so. By the way am ready for serious person. My whatsapp number is 0267550485

    • We are not fears but the fact is that ladies in Ghana have failed to do their part when it come to starting a relationship. I don’t think it is a sin for a woman to aproach a guy. Men are always given that sole responsibility which is not supposed to be so. By the way am ready for serious person. My whatsapp number is 0267550485

    • We are not fears but the fact is that ladies in Ghana have failed to do their part when it come to starting a relationship. I don’t think it is a sin for a woman to aproach a guy. Men are always given that sole responsibility which is not supposed to be so. By the way am ready for serious person. My whatsapp number is 0267550485

  42. I will be happy if l can get one of them contact.
    My namba is: 0553529333

  43. Agyemang Prempeh

    Some of us HV not reach de stage for marriage, DAT why!!;

  44. Call me am also ready for you am a Christian 0277952395

  45. I need one seriously please give me a hi

  46. A karim
    We are not fears but facts is that ladies in Ghana are looking down of mens who are not have jobs. Call me on this 0200706923 /0249851158

  47. Connect me with one of them on my phone 0549118602/0504843333

  48. I will glad if one of them can call me on 0267219432. Ghanaian men are not fearoos but we rather think you ladies are married already hahahaaaa! But why all yellow Ceci’s nkwaan? I prefer a blacky paaaa oooooo

  49. You can contact me on 0548403826. For serious relationship. Military women, please call me whatsapp me

  50. Hahahaa pride and unfaithfulness will let you think guys are afraid of u .come to my church and we will prayer for you 0270018633

  51. We are not fears but the fact is that ladies in Ghana have failed to do their part when it come to starting a relationship. I don’t think it is a sin for a woman to aproach a guy. Men are always given that sole responsibility which is not supposed to be so. By the way am ready for serious person. My whatsapp number is 0267550485

  52. Lol. So interesting. Humility and submissiveness in the marital home is the key. By the way Who will take this key?

  53. a military lady will never give attention to a civilian guy.is not dat we de gent ar afraid of them but just that they don’t give in. well i am ready whatapp me on 0269473292 .and your days of loneliness will be over. am 20 years of age and ready to mingle

  54. Not military women a lone but the security services in general, it is believed that,they are easily ‘taken for a ride’ by thier seniors in rank that is to say some are morally unfit to be wife for that matter. They should portray a good character and they would see how fearless GH men are,tnx

  55. I think the problem is that most of us don’t stay in the barracks or near to them that is making some us not to get contact with military ladies .I wish to marry one.am a teacher. 0206429542

  56. 0248588188
    Give this to Am in a Seidu
    She needs Daa’wa and she needs to be talked to!

  57. The comments badging in says it all that we ain’t afraid of these soldier ladies…. Even women from the corporate society are suffering from this disease so this tell them something… Just come down and be sociable then the proposal will flow.

  58. The comments badging in says it all that we ain’t afraid of these soldier ladies…. Even women from the corporate society are suffering from this disease so this tell them something… Just come down and be sociable then the proposal will flow.

  59. Am a graduate teacher and I wish to marry a military lady.
    Anyone who is interested in me should Watsup me on 0245454601.Thank you.

  60. Yes, I think most men are afraid due to reason best known to them. For me , SSS, Still Single and Searching. So if any of them wants to start a relationship, just reply me back with your contact dear…..safe.

  61. No we are not but we wait for right time to come so we can prepare well to take care of the family and to give you happiness you need in life as well as in marriage

  62. 0267707206.haha! who said we are afraid of u military ladies,Naaa!the fact that we give u the needed respect doesn’t mean we fear u. We no fear anyone, I lyk to chill with one. I love you, I’m 25 years of age.

  63. Ohhh so sad.military and the service personnel should also make themselves available.am also interested in a
    military lady .wats up me on 0241324452

  64. Samuel Morrison

    Pls not that we guys are fears. Only that these ladies will not open up to a civilian who is willing to give out the last drop of his life for such lady.
    They will only wallow from officer to officer just in the name of ranks and positions .
    And at the end will like to ride on the necks of a man all because they have attained they portfolios the man have not gain.
    All you need is Humility faithfulness love and trust in other to get a man for the fullness of your womanhood.
    Pls behind every successful man there is woman likewise a woman.
    Accept my piece
    Am MORRISON a graduate from the University still single and seriously searching
    Whatsapp me on 0542309843
    if ur ready for a serious God-fearing relationship.

  65. Oh,my earn is to marry of u people but how will I get u if am not a rich man,n ladies searching for marry is like a person without job he is wiling . .

  66. Yusif Hamdaani

    Do they rest at all…. Is the profession good for women??

  67. We like them but we fear them

  68. Military lady will be amazing to be with but getting the chance to meet such is rare. Anyone interested should whatsapp 0545183214

  69. Ernest Agyemang Mensah

    Pls not that we guys are fears. Only that these ladies will not open up to a civilian who is willing to give out the last drop of his life for such lady. am 26years seriously searching for military woman to get married to. Any military woman interested should call or WhatsApp me on +233248316236

  70. Look will this ladies give that maximum respect to their guy or husband.I also think they should dress normal n simple during their off days n bring their self to the level of the n civilians leave, there that they will see if the guys are feairoos. They can also proposed to a guy that they think the LUV when ever they meet that person either than that they will forever stay single. U can whatsapp me on 0249817611.

  71. I wish to marry one but can’t find them..if any of them is interested..she can text me on 0248042742…will call bac…but thus not my WhatsApp line.will give it when we get in touch

  72. ‘Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me’ John 14:1 (KJ)

    djbouda, you believe in God. Do you also believe in Jesus?
    Receive Jesus today into your heart and have eternal life. JESUS LOVES YOU.

  73. Not afraid at all jxt that these people Will not pay attention to you but if interested wasup or call this #0246938654 iam25yr

  74. am a teacher by profession any humble lady in the military is welcome call or whatsapp me 0245062869

  75. We are ever ready but we don’t see them and those too we see are married ???? people
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  76. I’m interested. E-mail me at jonaspauonline@gmail.com

  77. I am 34 n not married. Any serious lady should call or what up on 0276016755

  78. A Muslim military woman who is b/n 20-28 years and wishing to get married in not more than a year time could contact me 0542816489. She may first read about me on fcbk: RAZAK SULE. Dressed in seablue sleeves under and a suit over it. A military woman once showed preference dating a colleague to dating me, a young teacher. This is some of the reasons civilians don’t approach.


  80. 0500221432
    Seriously searching for God fearing military lady.
    I’m a Physician Assistant.Contact or whatsapp me on the number above let’s start to plan.

  81. Desmond Dorantis Azila

    0246274830 my dream is get married to military woman….. please jx serious

  82. Accessibility to a military woman is hard. That’s for sure. I’m at all times prepared to marry one if only she will subject her self to marriage. My Whatsapp number 0249218769

  83. Ampofo Daniel

    Hmm, the serious and interested mama can watsup me on 0247070459 because it has been my dream. God will provide for you all

  84. I’m interested with u ladies we didn’t afraid about u , because of something…….. That is my number please interest lady should whatssap me (+233249626856)

  85. Stephen Darrou

    It’s not that we men are afraid of military women, just that it’s difficult for some of us to meet them due to the nature of our jobs. So I believe strongly that it is not because we are afraid of them, but rather do not had the opportunity to meet them. So any of the military women who is determine to marry should humbly contact me on this line 0243197110.

  86. Am ready for the battle of love just call or what’s up 0242523451

  87. I dated One for 2yrs in which we nearly got married…I was beaten by his ex military guy for warning him not to call her anymore…And sometimes if we do have misunderstanding, …She tries to threaten me with her Uniform…

  88. My name is Prince Van Percy Hayford. This is good news, I have all my entire life being earger to settle with a beautiful but responsible military woman. Why? Because they are disciplined and understand human emotions better. Within the shortest possible time I welcome serious ones to my fold so that we can together build a solid and happy home. You are welcome my queen! For more information please contact me on 0277145116 what’s up and on 0205030233 great chat.
    It’s never too late,
    Little is much when God is in it!

  89. Seidu Mohammed

    True they beautiful girl to me this women are looking for government work not not everyone. If u can connect them my 0541930009

  90. yes, we do fear them, is a fact. having a wife and you are 100% sure that she can beat you is dangerous. a woman is a woman in a marital home and anything can happen except that
    you are holding your scriptures on you all the time.

  91. derek properties

    Please I need a serious one if any should contact me on 0249555064, only 1

  92. I can only say that military ladies are not friendly and also not sociable that’s why. But if they don’t believe me then they should try to be sociable and friendly to the public and see. If any of them is ready for friendship she should reply my message. Am Simon

  93. Is very sad though. But come think of this, you meet a woman and you call her but decides not to listen to what you have to say. If what they are saying is true then we will make the move. I live in the barracks so I will try one and see the luck in it. 0556985610/0261613851 you can call or text any will do

  94. Dzitrie Festus

    Xup me on 0241940281. Am never afraid of any service personnel being it man or woman

  95. I have been seriously praying for a military woman to marry. Hahahahaha I God have answered my prayers.
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  97. mohammed nurideen

    is because people fear you and there should be friendly 0206765793

  98. I do not so agree with the reason given by the officers. Am quite sure that judging from their background as military officers, two issues are at play which might be the underpinning factor of men not approaching them . One of the issues is the fact that most of these military ladies do not properly manage their carrier clocks with the biological clocks. This makes most of such marriages very distasteful, especially to their male counterparts.

    The second issue has to do with the fact that most of these military women love to take such commanding voices from their various barracks ( as military officers ) to their various houses, by controlling their husbands which is in sharp contrast with the natural law of marriage and habitation on earth as men and women.

  99. Ghanaian guys re not fearoos,
    mm also ready for a military lady tho
    Am 20 years. interested on cam WhatsApp me on 0540700430

  100. How faithful can they be? That’s the issue. When they go on missions, what happens between them and their male colleagues or bosses?

  101. Eugene Torsu is the name

    Mmmm like seriously I will be ever ready to date one of these women if I get the chance. My number +2348136662624 a Ghanaian but living in Nigeria currently.

  102. They are afraid to be beating by military ladies. Loool

  103. I want to marry one who is 6ft tall

  104. Yerimah sulemana

    I’m a Muslim and seriously searching for a devoted military Muslim lady for marriage

  105. Many men fear that these women would bring the male soldiers to their home to beat them up when they propose to them. Lol.

  106. I have personally not come across any military woman.
    If I did and liked her, would hesitate.

  107. I have never come across any military woman and if I do and like her, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  108. Godson Agorkpa

    Not that Ghanaian men are afraid but most at times this military beauty queens are always in their camps which do not make them available to the public for Socialization ,where they would come into contact with the opposite sex (men) but that is not common with military.

  109. It’s not every Ghanaian man who is afraid am ready for any one. Interested lady should call me or whattsap me on 0242285867

  110. This is my number 0243783767 . am very serious about this am not feeroo just that I’ve not come across one #ROMANTIC ENGINEER#

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  112. My parents were military personnel both mother and father and I know how they relate to each other without any problem also we are four children one female three male the female is a nurse and she is married to a military Man and two military men excluding me and they have married military women and this means i also marry a military woman? YES or no? They will have time for us but let’s check some angles if you know you cannot get time for them. For me I need one military woman because I how to relate with them without any problem. Call or watsap me on 0541648848

  113. Charles O. A.

    We don’t fear them, just that, Burma Camp is not a playing grounds. Because I’m seriously looking for a military lady to marry.
    They’ve been my all time favorites.
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    *Only for serious military ladies

  114. No opportunity for us to come in contact with them
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  115. I’m Looking for one between 24-29 years of age for marriage. 0243438838

  116. If they can leave work and training at their various offices and behave like a bae at home when they with us why not . I prefer an athletic lady. 0206870047

  117. some of the ladies are arrogant

  118. Hmm as for me, I think is just a matter of patience. But if my ladies think is getting late, they can obviously go ahead to do the proposal; is not a sin. Well am also in need of someone like them. 0248515016 is my whatsapp line pm me if ready for me wai.

  119. we are always ready for them let them contact me

  120. We are always ready for them but most of them are arrogant and they always want to control the men,they are not polite to people and how do you expect them to get men to marry…they should stop those hash words on men and treating to beat them

  121. It is my bigger dream to married to a military lady but they are also not friendly to us when approached them ……if any looking for true love then……..?

  122. Ghanaian men are not afriad of them, its they don’t have opportunity to mingles per their occupation.

  123. Ghanaian men are not fearoos dearies. Just make yourselves available and see. 0207410635.
    Ready for any military lady between the ages of 23-25 to tie the knots with.

  124. we are ready for you ladies………am also ready looking for military lady if you are ready……
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  125. 0249573725
    I need a serious military lady

  126. They just don’t open up, that’s why men do not approach them but not that we fear. Any serious military lady can contact me on 0267160699.

  127. Most of us feels shy and afraid to talk to military lady but in all cost I haven’t meet any military lady before.
    but I will be glad if I will get one to marry then this is my number 0276936756

  128. We are available ladies.. Come out of ur camps…. 0242852251

  129. Mohammed harun

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  130. Filips Tabiri Adjei Cozy

    I really love military woman but am afraid to propose to them, so if someone can connect me to marry one, I will be happy
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  131. it’s not true , Ghanaian men are not fearoos

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