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The “SM Militants” are better off as a group than individual artistes pursuing solo projects

You will have to be an alien from another planet to not know who the “SM Militants” are. But just in case you don’t know who they are, they are the Shatta Movement Militants made up of Captan, Addi Self and Joint 77.

These three guys in addition to their Godfather (Shatta Wale) have for the last two years years taking the Ghanaian music industry by storm churning out hits after hits some of which includes, “Taking over” and “Forgetti”.

Talented, dedicated and focused as they may be, the SM Militants lacks what it takes to pursue solo careers as they have exhibited in their recently released singles.

Let’s not pretend that we didn’t in out little corners wished these boys did better when we first heard “Otophista”, “Today too” and “Don’t complain” by Joint 77, Addi Self and Captan respectively. Truth be told, i have nothing against these guys except all i see are three guys who enjoy the fame and stardom but are not ready to put in the hard work.

Maybe, they are content with lurking around in the shadows of Shatta Wale but how long can that last? Individually they may not have what it takes to breakthrough but these three guys are powerful when they work together as a team/group which is what i think they should start considering.

As a Godfather, Shatta Wale can only help as and when he can but can not “spoon feed” them for the rest of their lives. Someone should tell the SM Militants its about time they start considering a possibility of working together as a group instead of going solo.

Some of you may not agree with what you have read but looking at songs they have released as a group and the ones they are doing individually, working as a group is their only option now.