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Students of St. Bernadette’s Technical Institute in Navrongo risk lives daily to go eat at the Dining Hall

Education is the key to success, they say and every Ghanaian child of school going age has the right to education but not when trying to educate yourself exposes you to danger. Such is the situation at the St. Bernadette’s Technical Institute at Navrongo in the Kasena/Nankana East Municipality of the Upper East Region which runs a two-way campus system.

With no footbridge or road signs, students of the St. Bernadette’s Technical Institute in Navrongo have to risk their young lives more than eight times a day, crossing the Bolgatanga-Navrongo ECOWAS highway in order to attend classes and have their meals. This has exposed students to dangers including getting knocked down by heavy duty vehicles that ply the road, especially during night hours when students have to across over to “campus 2 (Annex)” to observe preps.

Snake bites, tiredness, loss of contact hours to walking from one side to the other and harassment by men have also been named as some unpleasant ordeals the students have had to put up with as a result of the two-way campus system.

Reports indicate that students cross the busy road more than eight times in a day to and from their dormitories to the dining hall or classrooms. The risk of getting knocked down by vehicles is a daily routine for these students. To them, they know it’s just a matter of time before a student get knocked down and killed by vehicles. They appealed to government to provide them with the same environment their colleagues in other school enjoy.

The situation is a growing concern to students, their parents and the school’s authorities as it has been reported that the headmaster has on countless occasion written to GES for assistance but all to no avail.

“I have written several (he emphasized) letters to the municipal assembly, GES and many others but nothing has been done about our situation. We don’t have the infrastructure that will help us stay on one side of the campus” Mr. Azerigyik the headmaster.

He blamed authorities for turning a blind eye to the challenges faced by the school. “The people in authority know about our problems. They use that road like you and I. They know the dangers the students go through. But they have turned a blind eye and pretending to know nothing about the situation”

He prayed against the unforeseen as in the case of an accident involving his students and noted that no child should suffer for no fault of theirs since access to education is a right for all. He also appealed to the Government of Ghana to approve certificates of the Chinese contractor working on projects of the school that stalled some time ago due to that.

St Benedict Technical Institute uses an old campus facility of the Our Lady of Lourdes Senior High School which has relocated to their new campus in Gaani in addition to their main campus. Management made the decision to have an annex campus after little infrastructure on the main campus failed to match up with the increased number in enrollment.

Source: Atinkaonline/ FB: Asakinaba Emmanuel (YEM fm Bolgatanga)