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Shatta Michy is more talented than AK Songstress and 70% of Gh female musicians

You see eh., the problem with Ghanaians is that, we talk too much., too much talk talk… They talk too much but never got the balls to follow it up with hard work. And that is what differentiates them from people who are actually doing something better with their lives and succeeding.
When i first stated that Shatta Michy was more talented than Ak Songstress and 70% of Gh female musicians, many where those who said i hated Ak Songstress and was giving Shatta Michy undeserved hype. Today, i am happy bcos Shatta Michy has proved all who doubted her wrong.
The SM Boss Diva (as i like to call her) is a clear definition of beauty with brains. Her humility and patience to learn the rudiments of the dancehall trade is what is is setting her apart from her predecessors and peers. She is flying so high today because she took her time to mature in the game.
I laugh whenever i hear people say, Shatta Michy is succeeding because she has Shatta Wale supporting her.. lol who were you expecting to support her? your father-in-law? pls give us a break. Maybe, you haven’t followed Ghana music long enough cos if you did, you would have come across the likes of Nana Queen (Nana King’s wife) and Reggie Rockstone‘s wife who never amounted to anything even their their respective husbands did all they could (including writing songs for them, paying payola to DJs and actually pumping in so much money) to make them relevant in the Ghanaian music industry.
I see a new star emerging in the person of Shatta Michy and we all need to support her like we did for Kaaki, MzVee and Ebony.
Girl is talented AF and it’s refreshing listening to that silky voice rattle the Jamaican lingual with such ease and eloquence. If you still need prove to believe, hit below and listen to “Cheating” by Shatta Michy.