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Scoffers and Mockers

People who talk bad about God and religion are mostly people who were either born with silver spoon in their mouths or hypocrites who act as free thinkers just to fit in…

You were born in the finest of private hospitals to a rich family and grew up in the best of neighborhoods. You attended the best of schools, pass or no pass, you made it to an A-list SHS and then to University. You go for holidays abroad like Abeka to Lapaz and then after school you join the family business or daddy used his connections to get you a high paid job. You see where i am going with this? A young guy/lady who hasn’t suffered a day for anything in their life but have everything they desire at their disposal obviously may not see the need to find and revere God…

That is why sometimes I am not too quick to judge or attack people like that cos trust me, the true realities of life has its own way of humbling a person… If you see what I have seen in my 34yrs of existence., if you have experienced just a fraction of the kind of life I have experienced., if you were next to nothing like I was and from nowhere without the help of any man, your life makes a 360 degree turn from grass to GRACE, no one will tell you there is a God somewhere…

See, i am not here to preach you or tell you what is right from wrong.., i am only here to remind you that there is God and the earlier you seek him, the better it will be for you my dear friend.

We all have separate lives to live, stop acting tough just to please your friends, stop putting doubts in the minds of people about the existence of God, stop putting yourself in the position that shields you from God’s Grace and blessings., for your own good please stop.

If you knew me well back then, i am sure you will very much appreciate the message i am trying to put across to you. When i tell you i have seen God work in my life, trust me, i know what i am talking about.

You know yourself more than anyone else, only you know what you are going through. Forget about facebook and what your friends will say, find God., seek HIM., surrender all to HIM. Now concentrate on making a change in your life, in your business and in the kind of friends you keep. When you are done, sit back and watch the Almighty God do his wonders in your life……. Jesus loves you. God loves you!

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