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#KenkeyFest18: Why we celebrate Kenkeyfest in Ghana

Why do we celebrate Kenkey in Ghana? Is it because we as the Ghanaian people are a bunch of “foodians” or there is a special reason why Kenkey is celebrated in Ghana?

Kenkey also know as Kormi or Dorkunu is the largest staple food of the people of Ghana. Made from maize and eaten with fried fish and hot pepper, Kenkey can be found at every corner of the country.., from Accra to Wa, from Axim to Zabzugu.

Legend has it that our ancestors got a divine revelation of how to prepare this special dish after a long period of famine which nearly wiped them off the surface of the earth. They prayed to the gods who intend heeded to their prayers and brought down the knowledge of how to prepare Kenkey. What was Unique about the meal was that, it was full of energy and one didn’t have to eat much to be satisfied which means they had plenty to eat and so much surplus to put aside for the lean season. Kenkey became so much a part of their culture that they decided to spread the knowledge in every part of the country.

That is why today, depending on which part of the country you find this very meal, even though there maybe a slight difference in the texture, colour or taste due to the different methods and techniques of preparation which has been adopted over the years., one thing is certain that you are going to have a good time enjoying it whether it’s Ga Kormi or Fante Dorkunu.

Lovers of this special dish later took it upon themselves to not only eat this meal in their individual homes but to come together in theirs numbers to celebrate it’s existence and to enjoy Kenkey together in remembrance of our ancestors. Three years on, this celebration has metamorphosed into an International Kenkey Festival now known as Kenkey Fest.

It’s the Trinity Edition this year. The Third Edition on the Third Day of the Third Month. To be held at Mantse Agbona, Jamestown, Ghana.

This year’s edition is going to be interspersed with other interesting activities including cooking competition from the “Let’s Cook Gh” team powered by Behind the Scenes TV.

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