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Increase in LGBTI, oral sex advocacy anti-Christ projections – Evangelist

Increase in LGBTI, oral sex advocacy anti-Christ projections – Evangelist

Sampson Joe Baning, Head Pastor of the Living Testimonies for Jesus Bible Ministry has added his voice to the flood of opinions concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in the country describing the phenomenon as a sign of the anti-Christ.

While some argue against the movement from the scientific point of view, several in Ghana have condemned the act using religious references.

Some argue it is unnatural for persons of the same sex to be attracted to each other as from creation God created persons of the opposite sex, Adam and Eve, commanding them among other things to multiply and fill the earth. Some also refer to the biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah recorded in Genesis chapters 18-19, implying that since Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed relating to actions such as homosexuality, it is clearly an act God does not approve of.

Pastor Baning is of the view that members of the LGBT movement are being manipulated by higher spiritual forces who intend to make mankind unfit before God and get homosexuality accepted all over the world.

“The false prophet who is a hermaphrodite in the cult world is also seriously working with other satanic forces in the higher hierarchy to get all nations in the world to enact the LGBTI law. This is the work of the false prophets. In fact he is working so effectively and seriously and also working on a project which has almost succeeded in the whole world and in Ghana here too it is going on. His work is to make people unfit before God that is pollute people to make them unclean one way or the other,” he explained.

He also took a swipe at some self-acclaimed men of God who deceive people into engaging in sinful acts including masturbation and oral sex and said these were all manifestations of the work of the devil.

“If you find so called men of God, who tell Christians to spill their sperms through masturbation for self-gratification, if you find so called men of God admonishing Christians to lick the genitals of the opposite sex and brag about it, know then that the spirit of the false prophet is at work. These are some of the few manifestations of the false prophets and they are working and very soon the scenario will turn,” he noted.

On this same issue, Legal practitioner Moses Foh-Amoaning seemed to agree with this assertions as in an earlier report he advised that all homosexuals seek spiritual help.

He believes getting spiritual deliverance is one way to ‘save’ members of the LGBT as he suggested psychological and medical help as other options.

Lawyer Foh-Amoaning who is a strong Anti-gay campaigner on Metro TVs Good Evening Ghana told host Paul Adom-Otchere that homosexuality in his view is a spiritual battle and hence needed a touch of spiritual approach when dealing with it.

“The power of the Lord is capable of delivering people from that thing because all of this is a spiritual battle anyway. I will take you to people in this country who by the grace of God by the power of the Holy Spirit have come out of it. God is capable of delivering people like that. There is nothing that the Lord can’t do, “he said.

The issue of legalizing homosexuality became a matter of public interest in 2011 when Late President John Evans Atta Mills strongly refused to legalize it, after the UK threatened to reconsider aids given to countries that are against homosexuality.

The interest however doubled when President Nana Addo in an interview with Al Jazeera last year said homosexuality was something bound to happen in Ghana even though he did not have it on his agenda as a president to encourage it.

Currently, homosexuality is illegal in about 30 African countries and has laws that reprimand individuals caught in the act as most Africans frown at the thought of legalizing the act because in their perspective, it defies every aspect of their socio-cultural and religious principles.

With several countries mostly in Europe accepting it by the day, the pressure to do same has been mounted on countries like Ghana who still do not see the need to accept it.