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I love “Born Ones” and i’m not ashamed to declare that publicly

I want to celebrate single parents today., single moms and dads are some of the most resilient, determined and kindhearted people on earth who needs to be celebrated day in day out…

I am a parent and it takes only a parent or a matured individual to fully appreciate the efforts these single parents put into raising their kids. Its not an easy task even when both parents are available to take care of a child., how much more one person shouldering the responsibilities of both the mother and father.

Say what you may about single parents, but they are some of the most loving and caring people. It may be because of their parental instincts, but they are very supportive, assertive and appreciative of the little they get out of life.

Unfortunately, we are an unforgiving society of judgmental hypocrites who will rather applaud abortion than support single parenting. A mother would rather risk the life of her pregnant daughter than to have her deliver for fear of social stigma. A father would cast out a daughter in the middle of the night caring less of her well being just because she got pregnant all in the name of societal conformity.

…And the shaming doesnt end there.., even when the individual has gone through the hardship of pregnancy and childbirth, its now the derogatory name calling begins. “Born one”, “second hand goods”, “old cargoes” among others are the silly names the societal imbeciles call single mothers whereas chauvinistically their male counterparts are simply referred to as “single dads”….

Shame on us all.

I love single parents., i love born ones and i am not ashamed to declare that publicly…

If we all stand up to our responsibilities, there wont be single parents on our streets whether by choice or otherwise. If we raise our sons well, they wont going about impregnating girls when they are not ready to father children. If we educate ourselves very well, we will come to realize that single parents are a part of our society with equal rights and privileges just like everyone else..

If you are a single parent whether by choice or out of circumstance, i am here to tell you to stand tall and hold your head up high. There is no shame in pregnancy or childbirth. Don’t let what people say get to you and prove them wrong by working hard and succeeding in life… That is how you shut down your critics for good…