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Bed wetting… Forget what Google says, bed wetting is simply urinating in your bed while sleeping. Bed wetting is usually very common in children even though some adults still suffer from this embarrassing condition.

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Celebrating Rashida was a BIG mistake

Last night a lady friend of mine called., during our conversation, she jokingly said., “Bouda, how about I make a video of myself making some nasty allegations about you.., and considering that you are seemingly known, I will soon trend.. who knows, maybe I will also be invited by Viasat1 for an interview and eventually win an award too”… Then ...

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How to check your Senior High School Placements – step by step guide – 2015

Prospective Senior High School students who wrote the Basic Education Certificate Examination few months ago can now check their placement details right on their mobile phones. Students and parents can check their placements by simply sending a text message.

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Thousands queue up at AICC as Anas premieres judicial corruption video

Scores of people have besieged the Accra International Conference Centre to have a glimpse of the much anticipated judicial corruption video.

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6 Foods that could be destroying your sex drive

If you’re feeling a slump in your desire for the bedroom hump, it could be your diet. It’s common knowledge that what you eat can affect how you look, but did you know it could also affect how you feel? See if any of these six foods could be the culprit when you say “I’m not in the mood” a ...

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