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Bolgatanga residents angry over deplorable town roads as crashes hike

There is brewing anger among residents and motorists in the Upper East Regional capital Of Bolgatanga over the deplorable nature of roads in the municipality.

Some major roads in the central business district of the town have developed deep potholes following heavy rains in recent times. Worse among the deplorable roads is the main Bolga-Bawku road which passes through the heart of the municipality and roads leading to some residential areas including the SSNIT Quarters road.

The situation according to motorists depicts a lack of proactive approach on the part of the Assembly and its partners towards the needs of the people in the municipality.

Attempts by drivers and riders to avoid the widespread potholes on the road have resulted in crashes and regular exchange of insults among the road users with several other vehicles ramming into the water filled potholes and damaging parts of their vehicles.

Though pressure appears to be mounting on the Municipal Chief Executive, Urban roads, Highways Authority and other stakeholders to move and repair the road, residents and motorist may have to endure the brunt for some more weeks as the Municipal Chief Executive for Bolgatanga Joseph Amiyuure insists work can only commence after the rains subside.

Mr. Amiyuure in an interview on Bolgatanga-based YEM RADIO monitored by Mynewsgh.com said a contractor has been given the job to patch the potholes but that can only be done at the end of the rainy season.

“We have contracted somebody to do the patching just to make it smooth for vehicular movement from the Zuraungu area into the Bolga Municipal Assembly. It’s because of the heavy rains as you see so if they start any soft patching activity now the rains can easily negate the activity so we want the rains to subside a bit then we get the contractor on the ground to do it” he said.

When asked when in his opinion the heavy rains would end Mr. Amiyuure said “This is just July and I believe that by August the rains would not be that very heavy and we will get the contractor to move and work on it”.

Source: mynewsgh.com


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