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A love letter to Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay: I want people to like me for who I am as Wendy Shay…

MzGee: Who is Wendy Shay?

Wendy Shay: That is a dumb question…”

Like seriously? Someone should add like duurrhh! for me  😂😂😂

Those saying Shatta wale would have done worse if he was asked the same question MzGee asked Wendy Shay should just shut up. If you have nothing better to contribute to the discourse just save your 2cedis data for something better like forwarding pasco on whatsapp before your telco swipes it…

I have my reservations about Shatta Wale but crazy as he may appear sometimes, Shatta won’t waste this opportunity to properly sell himself to his fans the world over. Shatta may come off as rude and vulgar, but he is a smart businessman who knows when and where to do his things..

The one time hitmaker Wendy Shay, in her desperation to fill in the vacuum created by Ebony has bedeviled herself with so many controversies not forgetting the continues effort by she and her management to objectify her by resorting to sexual innuendos instead of using talent to make her stay relevant..

For me, not only does this expose a fundamental deficiency in her level of education and upbringing, it touches a great deal on the competencies of her managers and handlers.. These vultures (managers) are out there to make money.., they will be the first to throw you under the bus once there is no more juice left in you to squeeze.

Wendy, this may come off as one of your dumbest publicity stands ever after showing your “bortors” to the world.., and who care if you indeed chopped Bullet for real or for publicity? Its all part of the game right? Well like our elders say, “S3 won hu owuo da, shw3 nda”.., to wit, “if you haven’t seen death before, look at sleep”…

I know the above proverb, simple as it is, may be difficult for you to comprehend considering what happened between you and MzGee.., so get an elderly person., preferable someone outside your management team to explain it to you..

A word to the wise……….???